This message comes from a well-known distribution of working in the UK buyer .

2012.01.11 03:52PM
This message comes from a well-known distribution of working in the UK buyer .

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Phoenix network technology News July 9, 2007 , foreign reports, the iPhone 4 application feature will appear in the latest in the iPod Touch . This message comes from a well-known distribution of working in the UK buyer .

Rob Hennessy giant BritishUgg boots cheap  retailer John Lewis of the buyer . He said sales in the store for the holiday season promotional activities organized by noted , the new iPod Touch will be targeting young people and children.

few UK technology blog reported Hennessy's remarks . He said that the next generation of iPod Touch will mimic the iPhone, with five megapixels lens , flash , high-definition cameras and gyroscopes. He also said that the new iPod Touch will include Apple's new video phone features : FaceTime.

a John Lewis spokesman on Tuesday confirmed the Hechristian louboutin shoes nnessy's statement, but she also believes that Hennessy was She added that , Apple has not John Lewis on the product with new features to make contact or communication. ( Compile / can code )
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Beijing ICP certificate 010,182 Real-time reports: the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il Kim Jong Il's death intensified the Korean Peninsula
whether the U.S. will change policy toward the DPRK?
blog: the death of Kim Jong Il cover Ugg boots for sale borne
blog: Internet users in China to discuss the death of Kim Jong Il
hot spots: North Korea

any North Korean leader Kim Jong Il for nearly 20 years (Kim Jong Il) in many cases are not seen as outsiders, and outsiders have never heard his voice.
Wedding dress 
Kim's life is to be filtered, starting from his birth, surrounded by their father will be around over the North Korea's founding leader Kim Il-sung (Kim Il Sung) not only respect the people afraid, and When he came to power, it is also true of his attitude. In his entire 70 years of life years, Kim Jong Il to hear direct criticism of his speech and behavior may be only a handful of people.

In turn, the world know about Kim Jong Il is just Christian louboutin shoes sale a processed version of the dictator's image is both shaped by forces under the action.

one of them is North Korea hype, described him as an unparalleled leader, omniscient mentor and very talented athletes, while the other is the Korean people clearly visible poverty and despair, the So this situation, because Kim Jong Il regime and choose their own survival above the national elite of well-being of the people.

a lot about Kim Jong Il to visit militarChristian louboutin y bases, factories and mines inspection and attend cultural activities, photographs, video images, but rarely, and his voice information has never been outside in the open than North Korea. Korean people also just heard on the radio once in his speech, it was 1992, when he said at the rally, Glory to the heroic People's Army.

compared with the vast majority of world leaders, Kim Jong Il met with relatively few guests, and those who did meet with him only by people he had met while superficial understanding.
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U.S. secretary of state Madeleine Albright (Madeleine Albright) in 2000, after meeting with Kim Jong Il wrote this text: he is very smart, well-informed. But she also wrote: If a country like North Korea with the same brutal system, then the country's leaders could not in itself cruel.

defection of North Korean officials in the highest government level, the 1960s has taught Kim Jong Il's former university professor Hwang (Hwang Jang Yop) 2009 had accepted an interview, said that Kim Jong Il has never done anything difficult . Wedding dress cheap 

Hwang said Kim never read a book about Marxism, never read history, he was interested in espionage and military coups, authoritarian rule. Hwang's death in 2010.

dictator with a lot of history, like excessive luxury life of Kim Jong Il, corrupt, and he was under the rule of the people suffered terribly.

chunky body, hair bristling Kim wearing style simple jacket, not a suit, with a sense of mystery this way, he also makes a mockery of several characteristics.

wife Kim and their four children, seven were sterile, but iRed sole shoes replica n recent years younger than him with another 20-year-old woman exchanges. He lives in the North Korean capital Pyongyang outside a palace like mansion, which has a racetrack, several swimming pools and an artificial lake.

his country in Korea more than a dozen cities have similar stately homes, some of which can be through train, but only his followers to take. Cognac brand Hennessy (Hennessy) said, in the mid-1990s, two years Kim was

the 1980s, when his father was still in power, Kim Jong Il told a South Korean film director, he does not believe that the Korean people for his father and expressed his flattery. The director Shin Sang-ok Kim (Shin Sang-ok), said it was all a lie, they just pretend to praise me. Shin Sang-ok was the remark passed a Korean magazine. Replica watch 

Kim's life are all living under the shadow of his father. He is on the university named after his father. His first job was in the Korean propaganda department dedicated to convince the outside world his father's virtues and strength impeccable. North Korea's Kim fled home over the years relatives and officials said the media reports and books, starting from a young age, Kim wanted to pursue his father's footsteps.

came to power, Kim Jong Il faces much greater difficultChristian Louboutin pumps ies than the reign of his father. The mid-1990s, as North Korea's main economic sponsor of the former Soviet Union, and the subsequent division in the international communist bloc, North Korea into a major dilemma.

eventually China as North Korea were the major favors. Chinese leaders often try to convince Kim Jong Il like China, economic liberalization reforms, but Kim has this as a threat to their regime.

Kim Jong Il said that the emergence of various economic sectors in the non-socialist and capitalist phenomenon of factors, the market is the reason there is also a hotbed for the breeding of such phenomena. If we do not give the market to develop a national plan ... North Korea's economy will inevitably translate into a market economy.

remark shortly after North Korea began to crack down on market activities. The end of 2009, through the issuance of new currency and the currency revaluation, the Korean government confiscated private wealth. This led to massive protests. On the outside can see the case, such a scale protests are not unusual.
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focus on U.S. relations with Asia, the Washington Independent Chi Ku Mansi Field Foundation (Mansfield Foundation) CEO Flake (Gordon Flake) that, in my opinion, to improve the North Korean Kim Jong-il never What did people's lives. He succeeded only to keep the regime.

Korea and Russia, according to news open source-based argument, Kim Jong Il was born in Russia in 1941, a remote village, his parents had led a group of local Communist guerrilla fighters against Japanese occupation of the Korean Peninsula .

publicity, according to North Korea a long time, Kim Jong Il was born in 1942, the highest mountain in the Korean Peninsula Baekdusan (Mount Baektu) foot of the mountains. According to some biography books, Kim Jong-il after the year of birth to adulthood in 1942, so he can tell his father was born in 1912 in the same year birthday celebration of an integer.

Kim Jong Il's childhood filled with tragedy. Five years old when he witnessed a brother drowned in a pond, seven years old his mother died. According to the relatives of the family fled North Korea's Kim described the young Kim and her sister in time most of the time are in fear of his father would reject them, so they loved him with a wife was born.

father Kim established the Korean Stalinist era is based on the centralized Soviet economy, and the 1930s France and Japan's ultra-nationalist politics. Kim's 60 years in college, began in his father's regime for his prominent position in efforts to obtain.

throughout the 1970s, his father's political stronghold, the ruling Korean Workers' Party in a meteoric rise. In 1980, Kim entered the DPRK National Defense Commission, another center of power, since it was regarded as the father's successor.

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full moon Hennessy

English title:

Crossing Hennessy

Director / screenwriter:

West Coast


Jacky Cheung, Tang Wei, Maggie Cheung, Andy, Paw Hee Ching, Danny

guest appearance:

Ekin Cheng, Derek Tsang, Dream < br>
Hong Kong release:

2010 年 4 月 1 日

Mainland release:

2010 年 4 2 October (tentative)

story house is a very good electrical shop owner Alai (Jacky Cheung ornaments), nearly middle age is still single. A life in Hong Kong from the Mainland to Eleonora woman (Tang Wei ornaments), uncle of the ware shop in the work. As they very young, A to the mother (Paw Hee Ching ornaments) Eleonora fancy, as the two matchmaking, arranged a blind date. If his own, but they did not expect, blind date turned into a farce. And after they encountered a blind date after another accident, and finally achieved some good romance.

drink a cup of tea, food package (to eat a bun), talk about the situation, and stir exchange (noisy quarrel). In this way, simple but happy life had finished. This is the

one pair of older men and women, an absurd blind, a city in a mixed old and new Hong Kong, a small cafe, after another conversation ... this is a romance, like a stream is generally silent flowing art piece, but it is not drudgery. Long time no see Tang Wei and Jacky Cheung, Hong Kong, plus a lot of power to send the actor to join, to this plain water, rich taste of romance interpreted as Hong Kong tea restaurants, although small and crowded, but let diners lips and teeth fragrant.

3 21, poem,


film began as a farce, Hong Kong, then in the , the hard The Eleonora ugly, trouble Ah, the combined A disservice to help the mother, the film is entirely a departure-style comedy.

but intimate dinner after the movie but turned into romance, Loy and Eleonora each have a helpless love, the more we want to hold happiness, happiness more to flee. A first girlfriend came into the high society, Eleonora's first love boyfriend imprisonment for the guilty, two are facing the end of love. Loy and Eleonora meet again in the streets, each vent in the room when the teahouse, but this life is to find each other friends, so he started a love is still dull and mediocre, ordinary people love the most.

ordinary taste. In this small biscuits, the audience can come from A, where Eleonora little world of that party, to find little familiar to everyone happy. This is the

the way. Hennessy Road is a silent protagonist in the film, this most unique way of Hong Kong, the Wan Chai into two, the tall buildings of Metro North, the South is the alleyways of the old city, Eleonora, and A to the both sides of living in the Hennessy Road, Hennessy Road when they walk, the Wan Chai presented on the screen in full.

Hong Kong director is perhaps the most nostalgic of a group, they always carry the film with a strong Hong Kong-style atmosphere, and , the fondly stroked Wan Chai, nostalgia to the unavoidably, even a teahouse room dumplings, a cup of tea, the lens should be carefully crafted, showing the original appearance. Not a beautiful restaurant, the lens presented is true, on a street in Wan Chai stand next to one of the cafe. In addition, close-up shot more than once a brand Hennessy Road, Loy and Eleonora brand has always stood on either side of the background behind the new and the old Wan Chai, Hong Kong, standing quietly, looking at this closer and closer to lovers. New, relatively old city, suggesting that Loy and Eleonora who reflects the thinking of people. Troops from the two sides to slowly close to the initial confrontation, and ultimately, in the night cried together Hennessy Road, Hong Kong, under the night sky, so beautiful.

wait -

3 years but not Tang Wei, seen in five years, Jacky

. Since the media are more concerned about Wang Zhi did not like the bright and full of aggressive, but become simple, graceful Eleonora.

in the film, Tang Wei, and even did not emphasize her beauty, her makeup, but also live a little better than ordinary woman living in Hong Kong. Since 20 years depending on others, so Tang Wei's character also stressed the unique sensitivity and sophistication, and even have their own machine and carefully adhere to. 3 years after the screen, viewers can see a longer sexy, no vicious children Tang Wei, to see a show with a simple to hone their acting skills, and speaks fluent Cantonese, Tang Wei.

compared to Tang Wei, the screen is difficult to see Jacky Cheung, following the 2005 Jacky Cheung, the public impression that there is a good singing voice, is the song of God, but in fact, Jacky Cheung is a rare quality in Hong Kong actor.

the same performance just for fun in his career, he starred in the role of the large span of surprise, he can be big brother, he can be

He, like low-key minimalist. Jacky Cheung's acting has always been simple in the heart with a little bit. And

supporting role -

she is no longer a shadow, he is no longer a police

Awards Actress Paw Hee Ching, and the Hong Kong Police specialized households Danny Lee, as the leaves appear in the Ah Bao-ching to play the mother, leaving gold as the actress of the shelf, in the form of film with funny coquette, refused to serve the old, in the event of marriage for his son to worry about, it is also looking for their own spring.

while Danny is no longer a policeman, he is Uncle Green accounting, gun in hand took up the pen, call every day to listen to Bao-ching to drink, but because hidden in the innermost feelings and Peizhaoxiaolian . This story line because the two starred in almost overwhelming and plain ordinary old age so that the two flies fun. In addition, the guest lineup, Ekin Cheng and Maggie's name is also extremely attractive, which is played before the lovers in the film a dentist, a star witness.

West Coast -

she and Ann Hui similar style

the West Coast for the Hong Kong film, is a special name, she has twice received the Hong Kong Film Awards for best screenplay, winning entries are written in the Hong Kong Film Hall of Fame's West Coast as a writer of very large span, in addition to the sentimental film, she also wrote 2008 West Coast for the first time a director, directed, starring Karena Lam and Ekin Cheng This year, the West Coast is bringing

West Coast style of slightly some of the works of Ann Hui's shadow, but calm and realistic than Ann Hui style, she is more gentle and sensitive. Hong Kong is always concerned about the West Coast like the lives of ordinary people, prefer to portray real life, but not the heart to give it a perfect ending. This This series of articles the reporter Yin-dimensional (This article Source: Culture News. More exciting content, please visit Huashang)

Sina Finance YORK, April 13 evening news Tuesday, U.S. stocks opened slightly lower. Aluminum is the U.S. first-quarter earnings quarter opened, but its lackluster performance. Just released data import prices and trade deficit increased a little confidence to investors.

EST Tuesday 9:35 (Beijing time at 9:35 p.m. on April 13), the Dow Jones industrial average fell 23.96 points, to 10,982.01 points, down 0.22%; the Nasdaq composite index fell 4.05 points, to 2,453.82 points, down 0.16%; Standard & Poor's 500 index fell 3.05 points, to 1,193.43 points, down 0.25%.

U.S. stocks ended higher Monday, Standard & Poor's 500 index and Nasdaq were up 0.2%, the Dow closed above 11000 points. Several cases of merger events and the EU's commitment to aid Greece in the news when necessary to provide support for the market.

Alcoa said late Monday the United States report first-quarter loss of $ 201 million in revenue was slightly lower than expected. In pre-market trading stock fell 2%. Intel will report earnings after the close Tuesday.

Indian software giant Infosys Technologies first quarter profit fell 1 percent, but the expected full-year revenue growth of 16% to 18%. French luxury goods giant LVMH Group (LVMH Moet Hennessy) first-quarter revenue rose 11 percent, rose more than expected.

lender Regions Financial and KeyCorp pre weakness, UBS downgraded the two

economic data Tuesday trading after the U.S. Commerce Department announced that the U.S. trade deficit in February to $ 39.7 billion. According to Thomson Reuters survey of economists' average forecast of 385 billion dollars. January trade deficit of $ 37 billion previously announced revised to $ 37.3 billion.

U.S. Labor Department said import prices in March by 0.7% qoq, export prices increased 0.7%. February import prices down 0.3% qoq, export prices down 0.5%.

Miller Tabak analyst Peter Boockvar Securities, said, near the level.

Asian stocks fell on Tuesday, technology stocks leading the decline. Japan's Nikkei 225 index fell 0.8%, other stock markets were mostly low-income. Greek government bonds issued in the announcement of the results, further expansion of the European stock market decline, the euro-dollar exchange rate currently is $ 1.36. Crude oil futures fell below $ 84 a barrel, platinum and silver futures fell sharply.


Sina statement: Sina posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. Contents of the article for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Accordingly, investors operate your own risk.

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