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by piatigorsky
2008.09.11 12:45AM

 I went to China a couple of years back


And found out they got all these pirate machines


I've been thinking long and hard on how to beat these pirates at their game


And the solution is to pirate the pirates


Load a great big screen...


With a great slim body...


Now that's what I call the "pirate of silicon valley..." 


And now, the iPod spokespeople of the year...


Yo, babe!       Me like!

Me want!    Hey, let go! I traded in my ifat nano for this!


Not to worry, there's something for everyone!


iPod Nano rules!

BTW, they made me grow larger and longer!


How dare you use a two-year-old design...


Coz we're Apple, wanna piece of me?


That's why Apple's logo has always looked like this...

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