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by adik
2009.03.26 11:11AM

android source 可以從這邊下載

follow to download android source code.

從終端機,就是U-boot的啟動資訊看到,我改的Android Kernel iMage應該是OK了, 

另外 我也有在Renesas的討論區發問,有個網友有回應我,提供給大家參考看看...

As far as I can see your kernel is ok. What is not ok is your root filesystem, and all the tools in it.Check this page:  

You would probably want to start with porting everything from system/core. This should provide a minimal boot environment to start your system after the kernel is done starting. Once you have that, you can add all the other parts of the core systems.

It's quite a bit of work, but most of it should (AFAIK) be not too difficult to cross compile for SH.

有沒人看的懂 改如何從system/core做出minimal boot environment ??



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