Shapes for Kids - 讓幼兒探索學習各種形狀的互動學習軟件

2011.11.01 11:11AM
Shapes for Kids - 讓幼兒探索學習各種形狀的互動學習軟件

"Shapes for Kids" is an education application designed just for toddlers and pre-schoolers that is designed to help them explore basic shapes.

- Lovely story, children can discover and learn various shapes.
- Matching game, children can try to match the corresponding shape of different objects.
- Brick game, increase childen's interest for shapes and train up their creativity.


- 色彩豐富又有趣的故事書。
- 配對遊戲,小朋友可嘗試將不同物件拖到相對的形狀區域內。
- 砌積木遊戲,增加小朋友對各種形狀的興趣以及提升他們的創造力。


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