the perfect brand image

2012.05.24 09:56AM
the perfect brand image

August 8, 2009

in Jiulongpo high-tech zones in Designer Flower Girl Dresses prime locations - Welcome Avenue Jiro overpass next to Easyhome Chongqing Erlang store grand opening! Leaders at all levels and hundreds of replica NFL Jerseys manufacturers president, industry representatives, brand dealers, the major media and other guests and tens of thousands customers witnessed this exciting moment of the opening celebration. Along with the scene Cheap prom Dresses under 100 of the colorful splendor of fireworks, colorful flying fireworks, as well as the famous singer Tang Can the scene to help out, and will the Jiro store opening celebration atmosphere pushed to the climax. Opening day, over 50,000 people into the the Red Bottoms Easyhome Jiro shop, creating a Chongqing opening of the home shopping miracle.

House Group CEO

actually Wang total Red bottom shoes speech


point of the eye

opening scene, a sea of ​​people


and vehicles, people, Replica rolex watches for sale stars, preferential ...

the opening day, Easyhome Jiro shop to Nfl jerseys create the home of the mall opened in Cheap jerseys the history of the flow and the double miracle of sales, traffic, people, stars from the scene to help out the lineup and preferential evident.



star: the opening scene to see the star is not surprising, but absolutely rare to see a huge number of star lineup. Actually the home of president Wang Linpeng rate of 100 well-known building materials, furniture factories president to visit Fake rolex Chongqing, to the famous singer Tang Can, the movie star Hu, the host child and Phoenix TV host, portrait to help out ... a home industry The powerful elite and celebrities involved in Men's replica watches the massive opening event, the scene of the consumer feast for the eyes.

so many This summer, Chongqing, home industry, because the Easyhome Jiro store opened, and the crowded significance.

concessions: Easyhome Group Fake rolex watches President Mr. Wang Linpeng to bring oneRolex replica watches  hundred factories president to visit the site signings to help out the opening of gifts, Chongqing consumers are crazy a 2% actually the intensity of family CEO promotions, plus the factory president unprecedented offer, and Tang Chan 2% of a book-signing efforts, the first of its kind in the Chongqing home industry history, is also very likely is the only time, setting the Replica watches home building industry in Chongqing consumption of a new record.

from the period from August 8 to 15, Easyhome Chongqing Erlang shop launched many exciting opening promotional activities, such as: home Replica rolex building materials were sold directly by 30% , .

in front of the car parked full


bursting with popularity, 5,000 square meters of the street almost fit

signing soup Chan,

film and television star Hu Replica watches went to the site

squeeze: signings squeeze billing squeeze payment squeeze, squeeze lottery ...

actually Jiro store of 100,000 square meters of business volume, as well as 5,000 square meters of garden Street atrium, even if such a homecoming dresses 2012 large scale, the opening scene is still very crowded.

signings squeeze: Jiro shop floor held two book-signing event on August 8, a Tang Can CD signature, another Easyhome president signed The sale will be. It is reported that, in order to obtain the Tang Chan's signature CD, fans came to the scene two hours in advance row in a long queue of more than 200 signatures CD in just 10 minutes it was looted. Actually the president of the afternoon signing none other activities, consumers are more in Cheap homecoming dresses the field lined up a team of more than 200 meters.




the scene at 9:00 am

payment the Changlong

< : p>

payment of the long queue

good environment, good brand, good evaluation ...

actually the home of the

Jiro shop this collection of short prom dresses thousands of attention in an ecological five-star home MALL bloom in the opening of its distinctive, elegant and extraordinary.

environment: the Easyhome large aircraft carriers Wedding dresses as a home building materials, circulation, high-end hardware environment, the perfect brand image, first-class quality service pilot in the industry. Easyhome Jiro shop, with its superior geographical environment can not be copied, changed the layout of wedding gowns the traditional home shopping, to create a unique eco-high-end home shopping: close to 1400 acres of Choi Wan Lake Ecological Park equipped with Cheap wedding dresses a new garden of 5000 square meters of garden-style pedestrian street, the venue of the towering trees, theme fountains, children's park, coffee bar, gourmet City home shopping experience, consumers went to the site for the first time a taste to home shopping more than just shopping, enjoy a casual, stylish green living.


evaluation: and appeal. Mousse Zou always said in an interview.



remind: Easyhome two stores celebrating promotions Prom Dresses 2012 this weekend, decoration buying demand consumers must not miss.

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