will experience what is called comfort

2012.07.12 12:41PM
will experience what is called comfort

abandon the strictly crafted details of the gorgeous fabrics

pursuit of ease and comfortable --- some of the furniture, the transformation from the fashion replica watches system, featuring a stylish and elegant temperament, but they do not belong to the luxury of a superior home, is not surrounded with a certain the aura Fake rolex watches of the design master, nor the high-grade gorgeous materials,


abandon the strictly crafted details of the gorgeous fabrics pursuit of Cheap prom Dresses under 100 ease and comfortable ---

some furniture from the fashion system from metamorphosis, with a stylish and elegant temperament, but they do not belong to the luxury of a superior home, is not surrounded by the aura of a certain design master, nor the high-grade gorgeous materials, but they are attractive, that put it down intimacy, and when you use it, will experience what is called comfort.
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● nature itself is not exaggerated

top home rewritten Design Feast: a more Replica watches than 100 top household Red bottom shoes brands from Europe and the United States this year with their latest work on the Fake rolex Milan International Furniture Fair, came to Beijing. Armani (Armani), Versace (Versace), Fendi (Fendi), a number of big luxury, enjoy the Replica rolex show the charm of luxury at the same time, we found another new force quietly impressive.

Italian fashion brand Diesel (Disynthesis) produced Cheap homecoming dresses high-end jeans attitude, the introduction of a comfortable and elegant Disynthesis household products; the same fashion brand Cerruti, (race Faludi), the use of animals and plants patterns and sleek lines of the sense of a better expression close to nature; to express the multicultural context of natural casual home advocates.

is that after the exchange of these brands, they have to rewrite the definition of grandiose, Christian louboutin shoes but to find ways to completely relax the body and spirit, which can not be met by those with high-grade fabrics, but only people sat furniture.

● see the sight, the pleasure

desire a jeans-like fashion, durable the furniture

You can not have the expensive dress, a comprehensive set designer suits, can not do without a comfortable, durable jeans. Is there like a pair of jeans, relaxing, wild and durable furniture? Produced fashion casual style of renowned fashion Italian brand Disynthesis the short prom dresses professional furniture brand Morrow cable (Moroso) jointly launched a Di-game home products.

According to reports, Di race home at the Milan Furniture Fair, has just appeared, and for the first time in China. Di race to do the jeans world-famous, though proceed with furniture design more than two years, Replica watches but the industrialized design style, bring all kinds of invisible lazy and comfortable attitude. Which the nebula nine sofa, the most deeply moving, the whole wood sofa frame is very strong, but the whole is covered with matte soft linen cushions of the sofa surface and cloud-like shape gives a wait for the feeling of being hugged. Size is large, or lying down or sitting extremely comfortable. The Replica watches brand marketing director

Stella (StellaChua,) said that whether a person has Cheap wedding dresses good taste or know how to enjoy life, by no means is the precious furniture cortex and price, but when it comes to home life does Rolex replica not lie in the pieces of furniture from who the hands. She believes that the material and shape but the performance practices of the home design, people feel the double comfortable physically and mentally Replica rolex watches is the real purpose designed.

in Disynthesis design team seems only to demonstrate and highlight the identity of the so-called luxury designer they are despised by their own set of design principles, on behalf of a number of furniture design the future force, that is, can people see the sight, with pleasure, seem sloppy, actually a unique style. As can be seen from the exhibition audience Di race with great interest, shows a casual casual range of children's design style is heating up. the

● living space very comfortable weight

luxury or not temporarily to shelved

furniture perfectly just individuals, to remove their own values, whether living space match is appropriate, integrated into more than the exclusion, even more important. Therefore, the name of luxury, elegance of design at best is only space master Qiao
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Hollywood home company is the master of a home design and decoration at the show site to create 200 square meters of natural casual style show hostess star style bedroom, as well as for the study of the man of the house alone read. Virtual master of his mind, imagine the city a human, his comfortable life to the audience in Beijing.

it comes to the future design direction of Joe, luxury or not, may be temporarily shelved, style borders without care, home design in the future Red Bottoms is an important direction will be to discard the surface glitz, the time spent on concern on the nature of life . For example, build a comfortable home, you should first have to improve the functional layout, brand and price when the choice of homecoming dresses 2012 furniture and decorative, not superstition, with the overall harmony from the proper use. Hollywood's own furniture Christian louboutin heels highlight the multicultural, Versace, Fendi, Armani and other top international brands of furniture, or furniture and gadgets all over the world Amoy, can equal Christian louboutin the identity of sexually explicit, with properly, for the award of the degree of relaxation at home atmosphere. the

tells us that at the same time, Joe also space design language, design life, not simply the accumulation of wood games, how to decorate Rolex replica and arrange household goods in the space, let the people's lives connected to the track and habits, service life, the most important.


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