Persimmon also cough Runfei effect .However ,Momordica g

2012.11.08 02:26PM
Persimmon also cough Runfei effect .However ,Momordica g

Evening drawing Wu Sibei evening news reporter Zhu Mengxue reported the warm spring ,the office is always heard the white collar workers Keke sound ,some cough remedy is also t Cheap wedding gowns under 100ook the opportunity to run .
Recently, a so-called down all cough medicine antiphlogistic cough remedy in micro-blog on highly sought after it is salt orange .This period the restaurant selects five popular relatively flourishing ,the more common cough invited affiliated Shuguang Hospital of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Department of respiration director ,chief physician professor Zhang Wei one one review .
of remedies for a salt oranges ,efficacy of seckill all cough medicine? Salt orange treatment of cough is currently the micro-blog spread most heat of a recipe ,the Post said the remedies for cough efficacy to get instant results ,known as the down all the cough medicine antiphlogistic .
Salt orange specific practices : 1 ,2 ,open ;wash ;3 ,in orange ,sprinkle a little salt ;4 ,use chopsticks inserted a few, make salt penetrate more easily ;5 ,cover orange cap ;6 ,pu Cheap homecoming dressest a bowl to keep orange body erect ,steam 10-15 minutes ( water boiling start time ) ;7 ,to skin ,meat juice drink ( including bowl essence) ,infants and adults can be Replica Christian Louboutin.
comments heat cough eat oranges ,cold cough eat orange Zhang Wei said ,use this recipe adjuvant treatment of cough is feasible ,but should be used to distinguish between cold cough ,heat cough .
The main symp watches replicatoms of phlegm heat cough yellow ,thick ,red throat ,swollen ,pa Replica Christian louboutinin ,dry mouth ,bitter taste ;cold cough symptoms for some people chills ,white and clear sputum ,throat pain but itch ,also do not be bitter mouth .
Oranges ,phlegm ,lungs and ,due to the cooler side, suitable for treating heat cough .The cold cough patients, eat neutral warm orange is more appropriate ,eating even the recommendations of tangerine eat together .
It seems that in Chinese medicine ,orange whole body is treasure , Wedding gownsregulating qi ,phlegm ,orange peel can be wide chest ,stomach ,orange leaf Qi ,Qi, resolving phlegm and dredging collaterals ,tangerine can ,jui Cheap bridesmaid dressescy meat and expectorant effects .
However ,Zhang Wei points out ,is it right? Salt with steaming ,on cough did not play a leading role .Sometimes the throat has a sputum ,with some weak brine can expectorant ,but does not recommend the excessive consumption of salt .
In addition ,some people use honey preserved orange ,also can yet be regarded as a viable approach . remedies two white radish with honey ,cold cough nemesis ?White radish because of their lungs funct short prom dressesion ,a long time been cited as important part of treating cough remedy .
Several public popular cough remedy and white radish related .For example ,a folk prescription practices for white radish 1 ,honey 30 grams ,white pepper 5 tablets ,2 grams of Ephedra Sinica ;radish wash ,slicing ,into the bowl, add honey and white pepper ,ephedra ,steamed for half an hour ,take advantage of heat to be taken suddenly ,bed see Khan Jiyu ,referred to the transpiration cold ,cough and phlegm ,is cold cough .
comments white pepper ,ephedra should take under the g christian louboutin platforms cheapuidance of Zhang Wei said ,treating cold cough should warm lung .Radish can reduce phlegm fe Cheap wedding dressesed gas ,radish seed especially Xiaotan ,but not mild ,with only the ordinary expectorant effects .
Honey can Runfei cough ,but also warm ,but neutral cool .Here ,this is a cool color ,used in the treatment of wind-heat cough more suitable .White pepper ,ephedra two drugs can be expelling the wind and cold ,join ,for treating cold cough have a certain effect .
However ,the two medicines are a certain side effects ,need to be taken under the guidance of doctors .Ephedra has certain excitation, or can cause high blood pressure ,heart rate ,urine is difficult to discharge, hypertension ,especially to be used with caution in patients with hyperthyroidism .
While known as gastric disease people, eat white pepper or fear of aggravating epigastric discomfort . three the remedies Lin bird porridge, can treat cough ?Read a dream of Red Mansions readers must have impressed Lin Daiyu bird .
One autumn, Lin cough more than usual ,Xue Baochai comes t Cheap homecoming dresso visit ,recommended a prescription : as I said ,to get up early every day with superior bird one or two ,sugar five money ,boils the gruel to drink the medicine ,is also strong, the most is the Yin Qi .
According to legend, bird porridge Ziyin lungs ,cough phlegm ,cough and asthma cure lung deficiency of yin .The specific approach is :prepar Cheap Wedding dresse nests 10 grams ,100 grams of rice ,sugar 50 grams .
The bird is placed in warm water to soak, pick down dirt ,add boiling water bowl continues to rise ;and classy rice elutriate cleanly into the pot, add the Shimizu Mi bowl, stir boiling ,with slow fire boiled ;the good pure bird into the pot and boiled rice with abou Replica watcht 1 hours ,add rock sugar dissolves after into .
comments every week eat Lily Tremella this precious cough remedies have effect on .Bird in addition to beauty ,also can be Ziyin lungs .Rock candy is also nourish Yin of the goods .
Therefore ,the whole party w Cheap wedding dressesith nourishing Yin ,moistening lung ,relieving cough .However ,because of the bird is expensive ,not everyone have the economic strength of long to eat .Zhang Wei recommended two cheap substitute .
From cough Runfei effect of T Cheap homecoming gownremella fuciformis and Lily soup ,eat ,which put some rock candy Christian louboutin sale.Tremella can Ziyin Runzao beauty ,Lily can Qingfei fire . E Replica Christian louboutin shoesat Lily Tremella custard ,than a week to eat a bird is better .
Zhang Wei said with a smile .If more attention nourishing effect ,is used to replace the bird snow clam .Female snow clam gonad into traditional Chinese Cheap wedding dress medicine ,nourish yin tonic Runfei effect .
Eat stewed snow clam ,nourishing effect does not lose nest porridge . water remedies four red eggs ,Buxu cough to share ?Compared to the bird porridge this costly prescriptions ,a more grassroots governance cough remedies in the bookshops seem more market .
That is sugar eggs .The specific approach is: first 1 eggs into the bowl ,stir well ;take 50 grams of sugar water half a bowl of boiling hot ,red eggs ,stirring ;then pour has wrung take ginger juice ,mix well; the daily morning and evening each take 1 times .
comments cough without pharmacological basis Zhang Wei said ,sugar eggs can restore deficiency ,enhance human immunity .But it must be said that its can cough ,no matter from the ancient literature and modern research, are not related to egg ,sugar can treat cough report Homecoming dresses 2012s .
If the patient had not responded to ,must be timely change of direction . five prescriptions of Siraitia grosvenorii persimmon decoction ,can Qingfei heat phlegm fire ?For lung heat cough ,also have corresponding remedies .
The specific approach is :from Siraitia grosvenorii half ,persimmon 3 ,add water and two half boiled to a bowl and a half ;the next rock candy 30 grams ,to slag ;1 .3 after drinking .Have a cough patients indicated ,this recipe can Qingfei heat ,removing phlegm ,stopping cough fire .
A similar recipe and fig sugar water to treat lung heat cough .Specific approach is to take the fig 30 grams ,rock candy is right amount ;the fig is abl christian louboutin heels cheapuent, water boiled with sugar ;1 times a day ,a evning dresses under 100nd even s Cheap wedding gownserved 3-5 days .
comments weak spleen and stomach were not long suit Zhang Wei said ,the remedies for adjuvant treatment of cough is effective .Momordica grosvenori cool Liyan ,folk early useful Siraitia grosvenorii slice soaked in water to drink traditional .
Persimmon also cough Runfei effect .However ,Momordica grosvenori cool ,if the weakness of spleen and stomach, long wear, can damage the spleen and stomach ,stool thin pond .Fig is a cold food, the weakness of the spleen and stomach do not eat .
In addition ,there are people with tea to sterculia throat .To this, Zhang Wei expresses ,Sterculia to throat ,but also partial to cold ,spleen and stomach deficiency-cold Zheng should not be long service .
Cough is plagued with many human health problems .The United States has been investigated ,to visit patients in the Department of respiration ,37% people complained of cough namely .International and domestic have developed guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of chronic cough .
Common chronic cough ( usually refers to recurrent cough for more than 8 weeks ) consists of four main reasons ,six secondary causes ,this also led to the diagnosis and treatment of intractable .
Zhang Wei emphasizes ,cough lung injury ,injury of the kidney ,remedies it may play the role of adjuvant therapy ,but if you cough again and again not good ,must seize the look ,don be delayed ,should be to the regular hospital, Department of respiration ,ask professional doctor to identify the cause ,symptomatic treatment ,lest delay caused by disease ,chronic bronchitis ,chronic obstructive pulmonary disease .

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