"Inspired by clouds, wow!Have the opportunity

2011.11.23 01:33PM
"Inspired by clouds, wow!Have the opportunity

"Inspired by clouds, wow!Have the opportunity

, I have to see how it looks.That the master, the other peaks have not they reveal it? "Stuart said longing for Ming. "There is a peak Jiuhua Zhu tired, ye who are the most powerful of Jiuhua they reveal!Even if the soil is red Jing and cricket together, nor is its opponents!It is said that the strength has gone beyond the realm of soaring, it is very strange, why is it still in the monastic community! "Tong intense listening disciples asked, then the letter I said.How violent-tempered is sheTickle the hearts of the Ming Szeto, Jiuhuashan actually have three sacred beasts, it really is a surprise! "Well, to the place!"Strong look at the foot of the Bi Tong said Verde.

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After much talking, two people went down gently after a special reception where the majority of people come here to participate in place.With the two of them went down, there are two repair center once the realm of female students quickly came over and very respectful look strong Tong said: "disciple Yang Ling, Mu Tong Juan Shishu audience, do not know Tong Shishu visit , inside please!This is to inform the main peak we go! ""Ah, do not, and this is my apprentice and I join together Ming Szeto majority, do not want to disturb someone else!"Tong strong slight nod, then said lightly.Next to the Ming Szeto was an accident, usually in the master is very kind, but why would so lightly it today, there are, why they do not know, master's levels are not high, but able to look at the strength of the monastic community it was so respected.

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Yang Ling Mu Tong Juan strong for two people take it lightly do not complain, but was very surprised to look at the Ming Szeto, then their curious eyes, which repeatedly flashing light.In fact, he does not know Ming Szeto, at Bristol Verde, Ming Szeto know this person, but a lot of people.But because of his talented woman Zhuangqiao Lian's former fiance, and later because of poor qualifications, coupled with the concept of kiosks at the peak of any of the booths accidentally saw handsome Zhuang Qiaolian to scared to Heaven, and then relied on all aspects of very outstanding, the ultimate success of Zhuangqiao Lian touched the hearts of so Zhuangqiao Lian will break off an engagement with the move. However, Zhuang Qiaolian break off an engagement in this matter, most of the reason is because there are a lot of Pitt Verde exhortations of female students, either because they are very optimistic about the handsome pavilion.

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Stuart looked at more than Ming glances, the two women have of their teacher and student were cited into the contest venue, where a lot of people already waiting.Although the peaks were all from among the more recent, but it is close to that is relative to the end state of the people of Dan, but to participate in a hundred years most of these are only a majority of pregnant Dan realm, so they order to be able catch up with the majority, are ahead of departure.As for Dan who has a realm of people, they generally are in the majority about the beginning of the century, only after another flew from the peak. Tong Ming Szeto strong with a venue in the majority there, someone would immediately meet with him, and then warm greeting from him, desperation, Ming Tong strong only allow themselves to name at Stuart, while he himself was were taken away. Looking at the big name words, Szeto Ming went, but then his mouth set off a touch of cold smile, and then continue to take strides in the past.

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