when Zhao Source: Faculty of Science

2012.05.21 09:46AM
when Zhao Source: Faculty of Science

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British Royal Society Replica watches of Chemistry Dr. Harp - Minhas was invited to visit the Northeastern University Author : Yang Chunguang Editor : when Zhao Source: Faculty of Science Update Date :2012 - 04 - 23 Views : Font : [ medium and small ] should Faculty of Science Professor Wang Jianhua , the invitation of the British Royal Short Homecoming Dresses Society of Chemistry Lab on a chip magazine editor Dr. Harp - Minhas April 2012 , 17 - 18 Northeastern University for a visit , and building Hall Conference Room 207 entitled The report will be chaired by christian louboutin shoes replica for cheap Professor Xu Zhangrun . Dr. Minhas 's report includes the current development status of microfluidic technology and research focus , especially the trend of the challenges faced by the diagnostic field of microfluidic chip technology and Fake watches the future commercialization of the way , and the Lab on a Chip magazine publishing . Dr. Minhas also teachers and graduate students participating in the fake tag heuer for men reporting on the current microfluidic technology development as well as the British Royal Society of Chemistry in the manuscript hearing Fake Rolex watches and publication of the issues related to a lively discussion .

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