reporting period, the fund operational compliance and

2012.07.09 03:35PM
reporting period, the fund operational compliance and

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Huaan preferred strategy (040 008 ) by adding the optional Fund

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latest valuation: ---- the previous day's net worth: - cumulative net: - Fund type: - investment style: type of income ... the type of investment: equity fund managers: Yanming Ji Kim managers: Hua An Fund Management Co., Ltd financial sector rating: Application Status: - redemption status: - More purchase information the Huaan strategy preferred stock securities investment funds 2011 annual report summary


Huaan Strategic Selection Securities Investment Fund


2011 Annual Report Summary


December 31, 2011


fund administrator of

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: Hua An Fund Management Co., Ltd Fund Custodian: Bank of Communications Co., Ltd. Report Submitted Date: March 29, 2012


§ 1 Important Notes and Contents


1.1 Important Note


fund managers, board of directors, the directors to ensure

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that the information contained in this report is not false records, misleading statements or material

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omissions, and the truthfulness, accuracy and completeness severally and jointly accept legal responsibility. The annual report has been more than two-thirds of independent directors to sign an agreement by the chairman of the board issued.


fund custodian, Bank of Communications

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Co., Ltd. According to the Fund under the contract, on March 12, 2012 review of the financial indicators in this report, the net performance, profit distribution, financial and accounting reports, portfolio the contents of the reports to ensure that the review does not exist any false record, misleading statements or material omissions.


fund managers are committed to the principle of good faith, diligence, management and use of fund assets, but does not guarantee the profitability of fund.


Fund's past performance is not indicative of future performance. Investment risk, investors in the fund prospectuses and any updates should be read carefully before making investment decisions.


year's summary of the report is taken from the annual body of the report, investors want more information, you should read the annual report of the body.


the reporting period ended January 1, 2011 until December 31.


§ 2 Fund Profile


2.1 Fund



2.2 Fund Product Description



2.3 fund manager and fund trustee



2.4 information disclosure



the main financial indicators of


§ 3, NAV performance and profit distribution


3.1 Major accounting data and

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financial indicators




Unit: RMB Yuan





: 1, this issue has achieved revenue of Funds Current interest income, investment income, other income (excluding fair value changes

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in income) after deducting costs associated with the balance of current profit for this issue realized gains plus the current fair value gain


the performance indicators of the Fund does not include holding fund the cost of the subscription or transaction included in the cost of

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the actual income level is lower than the figures set out


3, the end of profits available for distribution to achieve part of the undistributed profits and undistributed profits in the end of the

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balance sheet at the lower number (for the

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ending balance, not current number)


3.2 NAV performance


3.2.1 Fund share of the net growth rate over the performance benchmark rate of return of



Note: The Fund's performance benchmark CITIC S & P 300 index returns 80% of + CITIC bond index yields 20% of


the relevant provisions of the contract of the Fund, the Fund's investment scope for domestic shall be public offering of listed stocks, bonds, and China Securities Regulatory Commission approved allowing the Fund's investments in other financial instruments or financial derivatives. Of which 60-95% of the bonds in the proportion of equity investments for the assets of the Fund and the China Securities Regulatory Commission approved allowing the Fund's investments in other financial instruments or the proportion of investment in financial derivatives amounted to 0-40% in cash and due date in a year government bonds within the total investment ratio not less than 5% of the Fund's net asset value.


As of December 31, 2011, the proportion of equity investments of the Fund is 86.74% of the Fund's net asset value, the proportion of bonds is 7.64% of the net assets of the Fund, cash and due date in less than one year government bonds, 10.62 percent of the net assets of the Fund. The proportion

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of the above investments are in line with the Fund provisions of the contract.


3.2.2 fund shares since the fund contract takes effect cumulative net growth rate changes and their period performance benchmark yield changes


Huaan Strategic Selection Securities Investment Fund


cumulative yield historical trend of the net growth rate and performance benchmark comparison chart


(August 2, 2007 to December 2011, 31 days)



the Fund on August 2, 2007 restructuring.


3.2.3 Fund annual net growth over the performance benchmark rate of return since the fund contract takes effect


Huaan Strategic Selection Securities Investment Fund


contract since the

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entry into force of the net growth rate and performance baseline yield comparison chart



the Fund on August 2, 2007, restructuring, transformation after the contract effective date of the net growth rate and its results for the same period the benchmark rate of return calculated according to the actual duration, not the entire calendar year converted.


3.3 over the past three years the fund's distribution of profits


Unit: RMB


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§ 4 managers report


4.1 fund managers and fund managers in


4.1.1 fund managers and the fund management experience


Welcome to the Hua An Fund Management Co., Ltd. The China Securities Regulatory Commission Securities Commission Fund, [1998] No. 20 (June 1998) has been approved to set up one of the first batch of fund management companies, with registered capital of 150 million yuan, The company is headquartered in Shanghai Lujiazui Finance & Trade Zone. The current shareholders of Shanghai Electric (Group) Corporation, Shanghai International Trust Company Limited, Shanghai Industrial Investment (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jinjiang International Investment Management Co., Ltd. and Guotai Junan Investment Management Company Limited.


ended December 31, 2011, the company's total management of the Huaan An letter closed the Hua An Anshun closed two closed-end securities investment funds, a mix of Hua innovation, enhance the Huaan Chinese A-share index, Huaan now Fuli currency, China Baoli configuration mixing, Huaan card 180ETF Huaan SSE 180ETF connection, China Hongli Stock, the Hua'an in small cap growth stock, Huaan strategy preferred stock, Huaan core preferred stock, Huaan stable yield bonds, the Huaan dynamic flexible configuration mixed Huaan Jiang of return bonds, the Huaan industry wheeled stock, card Huaan on the leading of ETF, the Huaan SSE leading ETF join, Hua An upgrade theme of the stock the Huaan SZSE 300 Index (LOF), Huaan solid yield bonds, Huaan convertible bonds bonds, Huaan credit Sijihong bonds Hua Dynamic Equity, the Huaan selected stocks in Hong Kong (QDII), Huaan Greater China to upgrade the stock (QDII), 24 open-end securities investment funds, assets under management reached 79.534 billion yuan.


4.1.2 fund manager (or fund manager group) and brief description of the fund manager assistant



Note: here the representation of date and

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departure date refers to the date of the decision, subject to the announcement date. Securities business meaning to comply with industry associations,




administrator of the description of the reporting period, the fund operational compliance and

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during the

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reporting period, the fund managers strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations and provisions of legal documents, the spirit of

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good faith,

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diligence principle management and use of fund assets, under the premise of control risk for the fund share holders for maximum benefit, does not exist illegal or failure to perform the situation of the Fund's contractual commitments.


special instructions


4.3 managers on fair trade

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of the reporting period


4.3.1 the implementation of the fair trade system


company's funds, including a specific customer account on the business of

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trading the same securities are included in the


floor trading, the trading side of Fair Trading management approach - exchange business under the

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