fairness is the absolutely necessary.

2012.12.17 02:36PM
 fairness is the absolutely necessary.

[17173 stalks of grain only, unauthorized please do not reprint] this year more and more under the banner of the martial arts online games market, as Chinese knight-errant net to tour field representative, West Hill House "sword net 3" a new piece of information "Sun Ming Zun" November 22nd open test, the documentary for the 2012 degree the biggest piece of information, wherein the Xishan in independent research and development engine upgrades for quality promotion, and the opening of the Congress Menpai "Ming", at the Armani replicas same time also joined a number of new games, in the face of enemy what forest, ready?West Hill House in the future and what is action?This reporter interviewed the game producer Guo Weiwei undertook a special interview.
"Sword net 3" producer Guo Weiwei "sword net 3" new engine plasticity infinite time charges never change 17173: the "sword net 3" a new piece of information "Sun Ming respect" for the release of the game physics engine, a lot of ascension, for more and more game manufacturer in physics engine to work on, "the sword net 3" engine?Guo Weiwei: and various other products, I think the advantages of "sword net 3" engine because it is completely from scratch, is produced by our independent research Omega Replica and development after years of the original engine, plasticity has infinite space.
"Sword net 3" now physics engine effect we consider the priority to the core application in video technology, such as video leveraging stampede role, flying fly over the walls, Spansion object detecting and even future road to war and Replica watch so on.
17173 exclusive "JX online version 3" Ming into the Rites: 17173 "sword net 3" as a time charge of the game, new game player to enter the threshold of, how do you look?Guo Weiwei: "sword net 3" threshold charge is there, but I think it is to our advantage, but also our quality of the game's confidence, because for a large portion of game player, fairness is the absolutely necessary.
"Sword net 3" overall game environment is very good, no trumpet Shuabing invective, but has a Replica breitling very stirring, warm interaction; Replica Bvlgari watches not a locust rising suddenly fell to game player spirits, no two sets of monetary system induced by economic problems.
17173: the user for rolex replica the knight-errant net to tour, require strong sense of movement and combat, and as a carrier for many years old product, how to guide the user to enter?Guo Weiwei: many now launched 3D game is also called Daguai play station game player, and "sword net 3" in 2009 has been taken on the lower Replica panerai watch body bone segmentation and fusion technology, without any restriction of running and playing mode, plus we in this 3 year operation period the improvement of non-stop action and to fight the flu, the most prominent is introduced at the end of 2011 great action sense of design.

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