Review on the status of state-owned enterprises in the national economy and social development - New Red bottom shoes

2013.02.15 12:35PM
Review on the status of state-owned enterprises in the national economy and social development - New Red bottom shoes

??? backbone · lead · play - the status of state-owned enterprises in the national economy and social development commentary

???? Xinhua Beijing January 28? undertake with China's history and reality, affects the economic development and social transformation of state-owned enterprises in the corner of the era, stood out. Nearly 150,000 state-owned enterprises, more than 30 million state-owned enterprises with action, excellent answer contemporary issues.

???? critical moment of social play


???? time back to four years ago, from May 20, 2008 to December 5, the leading indicators of international trade, the Baltic Dry Index fell to 663 points from the historical high of 11,793 points, a drop of more than 94%. Sharp decline in orders, enterprise endangered exacerbate unemployment ... China's economy suffered a severe shock!

???? Aluminum Corporation of China could not be spared, profit at once from the central business before ten fell to last place, the daily loss of nearly $ 100 million!

???? facing difficulties, Chinalco insisted layoffs leadership to take the lead in pay cuts, to private enterprises, including learning object of benchmarking "learn" vigorously reducing cost and increasing response predicament . "Chinalco employs 200,000 people, the families of the 500,000 employees. Fortunately, we survive if the fall will be dire consequences."

???? "the impact of the international financial crisis Replica tudor, the state-owned enterprises to respond positively to the national macro-control policies to expand in areas such as infrastructure investment, led to the development of the industry chain up and down enterprises; commitment not only make sure no layoffs, also increase the college students jobs. "Yao Tongxin Knockoff tag heuer, deputy director of Peking University's China Center for Strategic Studies, said that these initiatives have played a pivotal role in China's economic stabilization and recovery.

???? national coal linkage policy reforms are not in place from May 2004 to March 2012, due to rising coal prices, Huaneng, Huadian, Guodian, Datang, China Power Investment 5 Enterprise 1000 kilowatts per generation when there are 67 yuan price gap.

???? eight years, these five companies support the average annual demand growth of about 10% of the whole society. "national the SERC price and financial supervision of the Ministry deputy director Huang less said, the unique position of the Central Electricity Generating Enterprises decided that they must bear a unique responsibility: the face of loss, not only to adhere to the power generation, but also more power!

???? Today, the Baltic index is still hovering below the low point of 1000. By the financial crisis continues to spread and deepen the impact of China's economic downward pressure. "The more difficult, the more state-owned enterprises to come forward to shoulder heavy responsibilities for the country share those concerns." Said Ren Hongbin, chairman of the board of the China National Machinery Industry Corporation.

???? Jiang Yong, director of the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations, Economic and Security Research Center, commented that, due to historical reasons, the state-owned enterprises are carrying a burden with other enterprises than the high jump; But that repeatedly proven, state-owned enterprises is always anxious the urgent needs of the country, the countries want to play in the implementation of the national policy-making, economic security, the role of the "leader" and "Stand".

???? strong support of the defense strength

???? afternoon of May 26, Xi'an Yanliang National Aviation Hi-tech industrial base. Roar bvlgari replicas, China's own development transported -20 large transport aircraft into the sky, the first test flight a complete success. This not only marks the breakthrough of China's large aircraft "zero", of great significance for promoting the economy and national defense modernization. Among these, the China Aviation Industry Group contributed.

???? shipped -20 8 days before the test flight, the Great Hall of the People, and accompanied by festive music, the 74-year-old Wang-mo firmly and calmly took the 2012 Annual podium of the State Supreme Science and Technology Award from the Chinese President Hu Jintao, who took over the National Science and Technology Progress Award Grand Prize certificate.

???? Decade of grinding sword - as the the Chinese AWACS cause of the pioneers and founders, led by Wang-mo, deputy director of the China Electronics Technology Group CST developed air marshals 2000, air marshals, two 200-based AWACS, breaking the more than 100 key technology to create the history of the world AWACS development of nine major patent nearly 30 more than the world's most advanced AWACS mainstream models, in many of the key technical indicators.

???? "early warning aircraft and no to the head, the back of a long way to go." face of a reporter, his bare their desire: to 500 million in prize money in personal bonuses with the development team to share the rest of the establishment of a special the reward fund incentive radar technology, AWACS career talents to promote Chinese radar AWACS career further development and growth!

???? 2012 just past, the the moving lens unforgettable -

???? November 25, 2011 12, 2012 48, after the successful landing of the F -15 fighter the "Liaoning ship" on the third day, the 51-year-old F -15 developed field commander Luo Yang burst heart disease and sudden death. Life last night, Luo Yang thought is still the cause of national defense, the development of the aviation industry. "Farewell" old man "on the road, the chief architect of Sun Cong F -15 tears.

???? October 25, 2011 23, 2012 33, the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, carrying the of 16th Beidou navigation satellites Long March III carrier rocket roared off. The accuracy of the satellite orbit, marking the Beidou system satellite network to complete.

???? ......

???? he served as chairman of the Shenyang Liming Aero-Engine Group LinZuoMing such a word hung in the office: "Field of blood remuneration of state-owned enterprises, utter devotion Hing China. The aviation industry, "faith sustained him 30 years along the way. As chairman of the China Aviation Industry Group, he witnessed the birth of the F -15 fighter, transport -20 large transport aircraft and other advanced aircraft, dreaming the dreams of air power!

???? Aerospace Science and Industry, the China Shipbuilding Industry, CSIC, the weapons industry, weapons and equipment ... despite the turbulent Ten military enterprises for the country cast the weapon, keep the people's well-being, and always support the national defense capabilities strong force.

???? the the mind people Weimin feelings

???? since last December, by the continued large-scale low-temperature Freezing weather, Guizhou Wumeng Mountain the highest elevation meihuashanensis cold, trees are ice, transmission lines overlying ice as thick as most 10 cm .


???? Guizhou Power Grid Company of Bijie Power Supply Bureau line patrol member Nguyen Cheung and colleagues first daily patrol line at least 30 kilometers to go mountain road, all the way in altitude up to 2680 m Meihuashan Gunpa fifty-six hours outlook ice de-icing, snow unimpeded.

???? transmission lines along the straight line of the white mountains to climb, the higher up you go, the more difficult breathing. Sat on the floor, tired and thirsty, I grabbed a handful of snow melt in the mouth. December each year, this climb ice lying snow, anti-ice protection powered commando the Meihuashan Area "strong grid" propped with willpower, is known locally as "Meihuashan bright guards.

???? Mr. Nguyen Cheung said his more than 270 days a year outside line patrol, the mountain road traveled about 10,000 kilometers is equivalent to four years around the Earth's equator walk around. "To across Meihuashan the line attached to Kunming Railway and Weining County, more than 160 million people, we are duty-bound anti-ice protection electrical!"

???? Ruan Xiang, just more than 30 million state-owned enterprises among ordinary one. Every difficult and perilous, they charge the former; they willing to sacrifice in order to people's livelihood and well-being!

???? April 14, 2010, 10 minutes after the earthquake in Yushu, China Telecom's first repair teams have been assembled to departure; September 7, 2012, Zhaotong Yiliang County, two hours after the earthquake, China the telecommunications the Zhaotong branch of man-system and global eye maintenance group rushed to the disaster!

???? grain market in China, COFCO, the competition of the whole industry chain, but the enterprise not only bear protection Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs market supply, and service of the national macro-control function, the "from farm to fork. food safety control is more deeply rooted.

???? ......

???? "state-owned enterprises is a universal common enterprise, only play more responsibility, in order to win more respect for the people!" SASAC Research Bureau Peng Hua Gang said.

???? economic strength vivid highlights

???? 2012 Annual State Science and Technology Awards Conference, led by the State Grid Corporation of UHV AC transmission key technologies, equipment and engineering applications project also received the Grand Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award.

???? ... far from the J-10 aircraft to the Qinghai-Tibet railway project, from the manned space project to the lunar exploration project, the National Science and Technology Progress Award Grand Prize all obtained by the central enterprises, the vast majority of the National Science Technology Progress Award Whispering state-owned enterprises.

???? There is no doubt that these sufficient quantity of major innovation projects, the competitiveness of state-owned enterprises, the influence of the embodied more fully demonstrates the country's economic strength.

????, Nanjing the Adisseo factory's staff more up here methionine production equipment is about to pilot production. In the control room, technicians from different countries with Chinese, English, French, Spanish and other languages ​​to discuss with the device parameters. Managing general manager Ru into the military, said: "We staff up from 22 countries and regions."

???? Nanjing ADISSEO from China National Chemical Corporation to achieve effective coordination of domestic and overseas business success overseas acquisitions Faux breitling, China put into operation entirely dependent on imported feed with methionine history ended. But this is only the result of the China Chemical "going out".


???? far, China's chemical through overseas acquisitions has six overseas companies in more than 140 countries and regions in the global production and R & D base and marketing network system.

Replica armani for sale???? 2012 "Fortune" Global 500 list, 69 Chinese mainland enterprises impressively, including 54 state-owned enterprises. "Fortune" magazine commented that the future of China's top companies will certainly continue to increase. The suspense is that this increase speed, when surpassed the United States to become the world 500 countries.

???? "economic competition between countries is essentially market competition between enterprises, international competition between the major powers wrestling multinational companies in the global market for its outstanding performance." Tsinghua University's national conditions, dean of HU Anshan Iron and Steel Company, said the rise of Chinese enterprises collective, to break the pattern of long monopolized by Western and Japanese multinationals in the world economy, which plays the role of a "leader" of state-owned enterprises.

???? "China is such a big country, you need to have a large and powerful international competitiveness of state-owned enterprises. they are the backbone of the country, can make us invincible in the fierce international competition! "said Hu. (Reporter Zong Yu, Liu chrysanthemum, Wang Min, Zhang Xinxin and Ma Shu Rui)

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