oint, to walk in the workplace

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2013.03.27 03:00PM
oint, to walk in the workplace

map: Yum (China) vice Replica Christian louboutin president Wang Danmei portrait of speech


???? ", Zhongnan University of Economics and Law employment" lecture scene all seats are occupied.???? / planning / Li Qiufang? Article / reporter Zhao Fei Zhang Fangfang intern correspondent Hu Yaling??? Drawing / reportShanghai food Replica Christian louboutin and Drug Administration issued crash chicken detection results gun stocks revived 

Shanghai food and Drug Administration on christian louboutin black pumps discount the morning of December 21st released into the yum logistics center in Shanghai 鈥� &rdquo crash chicken; chicken sample testing results, results showed antibacterial, glucocorticoid 2 categories of indicators are in line with the relevant provisions of the state, in addition to the 1 samples of suspected detection of amantadine. 

food and Drug Administration said, because there is no food in Replica Christian louboutin shoes the amantadine residues standard detection method, so it needs to confirm the test results, and organize experts to carry out the food safety risk assessment. 

is influenced by the news agency inspection of qualified, as Yum's major suppliers of Sunner development (002299,,,) Friday shares rose 7.49%. 

analysts believe that, 鈥� Express chicken 鈥� event will set off a new upsurge in food, medical security, the Replica rolex recommendations concern the production of feed additives business, kingdomway (002626,, Guangji Pharmaceutical (000952), and,,,).(express) 

much Jicha crash chicken related enterprises to new hope for the future large-scale self-examination 

Beijing Shu much Jicha crash chicken, in addition to the Ministry of agriculture sent inspection teams to Shandong inspection, Sichuan, Beijing also 

in action as Replica watches Shandong six and the parent company of the group, the new group hopes to involve 鈥� crash chicken 鈥� event. 

December 20 Japanese newspaper from Sichuan Provincial Animal Husbandry Bureau informed sources department, the bureau deputy director had already with staff and experts to the Sichuan around the farm, related enterprises new hope's final inspection, test data and expert judgment will soon publish. 

in addition, check the source of Shandong also upgrade.Reporter 20 in Shandong Province Bureau of animal husbandry and veterinary interview, a staff member told reporters, the Bureau has launched the emergency plan, by the bureau director of the head, to strengthen the research and deployment of veterinary drug use supervision.Another part of the office staff, has been with the Department of Rolex replica agriculture 4 inspection teams went to Qingdao, Linyi, Weifang, Zaozhuang for field inspection. 

Shanghai food Ann do quickly forensics to Shandong six and the Cheap Prom Dresses purchaser KFC conceal the self-test report evidence, and the first time to the public. 

it is understood, Beijing Institute for health inspection and supervision from 20 onwards, fast-food chicken products within the city including KFC, Macdonald and even the streets of fried chicken, to conduct a comprehensive inspection, the focus is detection of hormones and other additives. 

20, &ldquo Prom dresses 2013 real-name authentication for Tianjin City Bureau of animal husbandry and fishery Xiqing assistant veterinarians; happy to extend the line _TJMC鈥� is revealed in Sina micro-blog, has received the Ministry of Agriculture issued "on the convening of the livestock product quality safety work conference of the Replica rolex emergency notice".The doctors expect Fake rolex for sale unity Ministry of agriculture animal husbandry louboutin black patent replica shoes department position. 

six and the group is new hope group company, as the domestic poultry industry chain's largest enterprises, poultry industry revenues accounted for 80%.The year 2011, six and chicken feed sales of 4780000 tons, sales of 130000000 chicks, chicken slaughtering 300000000.China Merchants Securities report, 

says, the main source of profits of agriculture and animal husbandry Replica watches business New Hope Corp to company's subsidiary Shandong new hope and the rolex knockoffsgroup of six, in 2011 six and group net profit accounted for all of a company's net profit of 59%, accounting for the company's agricultural part of the net profits of nearly nine into.Among them, because of their low Cheap Christian louboutin price to occupy a high proportion of poultry, meat consumption in the canteen in manufacturing enterprises.er Cheap wedding dress Liu Yudan

??? In May 28th, sponsored by this newspaper? Faux rolex watches And the Education Department of Hubei province "Hubei Province fourth session of employment guidance in campus," large-scale public speaking tour second station in Nanhu school district, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, building the first Cheap homecoming dresses floor hall hot held.The organizing committee invites, the world's biggest food group vice president of human resources -- China division Yum Ms. Wang Danmei, made a special trip from Shanghai to the Chinese, as hundreds of "after 90" college students wonderful explanation of modern enterprise views on employment."In the face of college graduates employment competition nationwide each year 4700000 people, are you ready?!"At the beginning of the lecture, Wang Danmei went to Taiwan students dished out this problem, immediately caused the audience of students attention.

???? career entry:

???? choose what I love what I choose

???? "college students in employment, to combine their own interests and personal selection of target industry.Employment choose hillock, will have to choose my love, love my choice."Wang Danmei said humorously, "selected works like choose a partner, only the correct choice will let you win at the starting line."Under Taiwan College Students in the laughter, this view Cheap prom dresses responded with warm applause.

???? in the lecture, Wang Danmei and students share their university experience.She said, although he is currently a senior management personnel engaged in human resources, but in fact she read major in the university is neither economic nor management, but the clothing design."I entered the school after learning felt disappointed, the professional university teaches has much difference with my imagination is really."After graduation, she decided to give up working with their professional counterparts.

???? in the civil service examination about the current boom, Wang Danmei said very sincerely: "after graduation, his father also want to help me take an examination of civil servants, 'a secure job'.I think of their own is not suitable for the nine-to-five work, so in the family's opposition, eventually choose to Yum this I feel pleasant working environment, becomes a little restaurant waiter."With her own experience tell students: only select their favorite work, can do result in more permanent occupation career.She reminded students: opportunity will only be there for those who are prepared."Before entering a company, you must first understand the culture, management mechanism of the enterprise, as well as the future prospects for the development of enterprises is ideal."Wang Danmei said with a smile, only the starting point, to walk in the workplace to everything is going smoothly.The students again with prolonged applause, to pay tribute to the just out of school when the courage to master their own destiny of women.

???? experience:

???? foreign with value five

???? on foreign enterprises and modern enterprise employment concept, Wang Danmei summarized in five points: honest, hard-working, enthusiastic attention to detail, smart studious, good affinity.

???? Wang Danmei said: in view of talent, focusing on Replica tissot whether you have zero to learn a good mentality, and dare to fight in the front line.She said: "concept of employment in a foreign company, employee attitude towards the cause is more important, however, this does not mean that the enterprise will tolerate 'virtue without zero skills employees'."

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