negotiation with rivals,

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2013.04.01 03:02PM
negotiation with rivals,


managers, have not received systematic training in business negotiation, therefore in the commercial negotiations, often only according to the feeling or experience to do,Replica tissot often naturally or half Replica watches unconsciously make mistakes, so that the negotiation opponent took advantage of the opportunity, make oneself in a disadvantageous situation.Let us have a look, have a misunderstanding of what we are likely in the classical? How to bypass the misunderstanding, control Replica rolex the negotiations initiative?

a misunderstanding: "this guy is very difficult, we first release some kind"

often hear negotiator told me: negotiation opponent is very difficult to communicate, exchange, we first release in good faith, so that negotiations can proceed smoothly? I always firmly answered them: do not.If you do not exchange, do not easily compromise.

in business negotiations, we will encounter some of the ornamental and the combined plain properties, friendly people, both sides negotiate up harmonious atmo

IT Times reporter especially Xin Fei  

with development of intelligent mobile phone, in addition to mobile phone stores and mall business Replica Christian louboutin bursting, responsible for customer service service of mobile phone repair business is increasingly flourishing.However, uneven, some good and some bad repair also let a person very distressed.Recently, many consumers to reflect this, there are many Maoni manufacturers authorized regular repair center, accidentally eat yabakui.

repair point the

citizen Miss Zhu in "water" on "IT" to reflect the times in recent Replica rolex days, in November 11th she "singles day" in online bought a mobile phone, in early 12, the sudden failure, can't answer the phone.According to the company customer service staff to provide authorized repair point address, Miss Zhu with mobile phone home, want to enjoy the Replica Christian louboutin shoes "Three Guarantees" service.But repair personnel boot after inspection, said some components of immersion Cheap wedding dress moldy, belong to "man-made damage", can not enjoy the warranty, must add money replacement parts."In the last few weeks, my mobile phone has never touched the water, how can mold?"Miss Zhu felt wronged.

coincidentally, Hao Xiansheng consumers have encountered a similar thing, he purchased the Al Carter mobile phone in less than half a year, key-press malfunction, Replica breitling watches the special repair points out, repair personnel is also said to be water, not warranty.Because not too familiar with electronics knowledge, Mr. Hao only to give up.

according to the mobile phone three packs of provisions, if the mobile phone has "damaged", is not warranty, this kind of "damaged", including water marks, scratches, fall.Obvious fall marks, scratches can be directly determined, water, moisture and other issues has become a sensitive point of a ready to accept either course.Engaged in mobile phone repair industry for many years, Shanghai Huadong electronic products repair center for old Gu told "IT times" the reporter, Replica rolex watches a few authorized repair center at the "water" issue."Perhaps the mobile phone into the water, but water is not faulty components, or damp degree does not affect the use, he Replica Christian louboutin deliberately misrepresent, hard with 鈥� &rsquo damage; labels, will ensure (warranty) into medical christian louboutin black pumps discount (warranty), letting the opponent machine parts are difficult to detect the consumers."

old Gu said, after the security into outside, can bring more economic income, Cheap wedding dresses "the warranty period repair almost do not make money, because the user need not wedding dresses 2013 pay, repair center is just to help manufacturers replacement parts, for the user to repair fault, by manufacturers to pay a certain artificial fee; warranty period is different, although still original parts, but the service fee for you, in the repairs on the link, prices fluctuate widely."

price standards vary the citizens of

small Cheap Christian louboutin high recently to the "IT Cheap homecoming dresses times" reflects he encountered in mobile phone repair when the price puzzle.In June this year, he bought a mobile phone, with more than 5 months, the screen appears problem, only half of the screen in response to tactile and slip.To the manufacturers authorized repair center investigated, the other said mobile phone into the water, need for repair, change the screen of 200 yuan of; because of dissatisfaction with the small price, high not repair.A week later did not expect, the touch screen is not responding, completely black.Small high once again came to the authorized repair center, said the other screen for prices to Rolex replica rise to 400 yuan.Xiao Gao said, "is also a screen, and double the price differential, is really kill people!"

for repair price since the chaos phenomena, although the 2004 Shanghai electronic products repair Mobile Phone Service Association Professional Committee of the United more than 20 mobile phone enterprises launched the "Shanghai mobile phone (mobile phone) repair list", but 8 years ago, many provisions are behind the price.

sphere, of course, will have the hateful appearance, boring people, they are not easy to contact, is not willing to contact.In fact, we need to pay attention to is the negotiation, if you focus on the appearance and behavior of the other party, tend to make irrational decisions.

in business negotiations, not by appearance and behavior affect each other, and easily make some concessions, unless there is an exchange.First, we do not know whether the other is the performance of his negotiating strategy, if we make concessions, just a.Second, we do not know whether the concessions needed, if needed, may raise his appetite, forcing you to compromise; if it is not Faux rolex watches needed, the other that you have done is not good, does not play any role of concession.So, in addition to the exchange, do not easily compromise.

error two: "each other on an electronics company in our concessions be grateful for"

Taiwan and home appliance stores have sales agents to negotiate.Sales manager of Taiwan electronic appliance stores procurement staff said: Well, you give me face, let me step, prices from 102 yuan to 99 yuan.Sales manager thought, agreed.Wait until the afternoon negotiation payment account period, Taiwan is 30 days, home appliance stores insist on 45 days.Taiwan sales manager said: Well, this morning I let a step, this time you give me face, let me step.Who knows the appliance store to purchase said: why do you want to give your face? Taiwan sales manager was stunned.

this is in negotiations often louboutin black patent replica shoes see concessions quickly "devaluation" phenomenon.You have to make concessions and goodwill, must be timely to ask for return, don't, don't expect them to give in to your negotiation next time, don't expect to be grateful for your negotiating concessions, never forget.In fact, their "forgetful" degree beyond your imagination.

error three: "take the first offer"

when we negotiation with rivals, see the first bid each other (may be the price, may also be account or other) already in their acceptable range, many people tend to be himself, to avoid "undue delay may bring trouble.", eager to the offer, in fact, this approach is usually not desirable.

, you promised the first bid each other, each other heart often make up whisper: is it right? Offer is too low, or the conditions are too good, did not expect so soon accepted, it seems, a quotation or to raise a point, may seek to higher price.Second, to accept the first offer each other, although to achieve our objective, but failed to get the better benefits, more favorable conditions, but a loss to me.Consider further, if we this time so readily agreed to the offer, the next time the other offer would improve, to own more.Thirdly, the negotiation is about win-win, win-win more here is Replica watches both sides win-win rolex knockoffs sense, if rashly to accept the first offer each other, each other's feelings is not their win, and will review is it right? Where is the problem, finally it is left a setback or failure of psychology.

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