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usually housed in the city hall under the child welfar

Finland primary school the second grade class situation

thinking Finland student

active British "The Economist Intelligence Unit" recently conducted an interesting survey, reveal the biggest influence on education and the countries and regions which have the most out of the education system of color.According to their rankings, Red sole shoes the top ten are Finland, South Korea, China Hongkong, Japan, Singapore, Britain, Holland, New Zealand, Sweden and canada.The United States ranked seventeenth.

Feng Guochuan

Finland do not attach importance to examination of the national

students participate only in the last year of high school exam

40 years ago, Finland is a national single small countries, public education levels are very common.Now, although Finland is still very small, showing a trend of diversification of the nation, but no Cheap wedding gown one thinks of public education in Finland red bottom shoe under 100 belongs to the category of "ordinary".As early as in 2002, Finland 15 years old students was ranked first in the "program Rolex replica for International Student Assessment" of the game and shocked the world.

Finland children how good?Even the world one of three big news agency Reuters also have to applaud.In August this year, Reuters to Russian radio film, published Replica rolex two pieces of Russian submarine in the Arctic seabed under the flag of photos, living in the northern Finland town 13 middle Rolex Replica school students aged Serodin saw the newspaper, feel not in the right place.He through access to information confirm this submarine photos is a fragment of the remake of the film since "Tiedani".Reuters was forced to apologize.One reason why can

this is also the Finland education makes the world admire: children can discover problems, take the initiative to solve the problem.

, a Finland Department of education official Pasi? Mr Berri said in an interview, Finland's educational success boils down to four words: do not set too many Replica watches examinations; to give teachers a greater freedom; Replica louboutins homework not too much; the student class time is shortened properly.

is an example can illustrate the concept of education in Finland.A primary school in Finland, Espoo City, grade 6 besart was don't love learning, all Replica rolex watches for men the preaching against the teacher.Senior teachers Cali? Louhivuori Cheap Wedding dresses decided to let the child repeat a year, regard him Cheap rolex as a "private student".He had often patek philippe calatrava replica talk with Besart, know the children innermost thoughts, and get feedback information to change the learning strategy according Cheap Red bottom shoes to the.For example, louhivuori often let besart Replica watches was to be in the teacher's office, where he most liked posted the Beatles posters, the window is a guitar.When he is not science, geography and math courses, louhivuori let he came to class, for a group of 9 years old, 10 years old children read extracurricular books, small personal assistant when the teacher "".

by the end of the year, from the refugee children language ability is very good, and set up the learning beliefs.

Besart's story is not the Replica rolex case, survey, nearly 30% of the children in Finland had some special help in the first 9 years of education in their.It also reflects Finland's "warm" educational ideology.To treat each student teachers hold "at any cost" attitude.If a failure of a student, the teacher, the principal will Replica rolex watches communicate to explore suitable ways of education.The number of

Finland Cheap Wedding gowns primary school students in each class is relatively small, about 15-25 people.This ensures that the Patek Philippe replica teachers can Discount Christian louboutin have the energy to take care of every student, and to establish a close relationship with the.Finland teachers and students all like to have lunch, the atmosphere is like a big family, sweet and warm.

in addition, Finland did not enforce standardized test, students usually only in the Replica watch last year of high school take an examination.There is no ranking between students, schools or regions, there is no comparison, competition.

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