Electric chain hoist Troubleshooting Problems and Solutions

by Egbert
2014.12.30 02:55PM
Electric chain hoist Troubleshooting Problems and Solutions
Electric chain hoist is a very common use of tools, many customers improper operation during use can cause many problems, the solution is as follows:
1, the power of the original line phase wrong, leading to the protective effect of phase starts, it can not operate.
The solution: two phases of the power cord swapped.
2, the power of the blown fuse or tripped fuse switch no.
Solution: Check whether the current demand, replace the appropriate fuse or restart no fuse switch.
3, the control circuit fuse burned.
Solution: Check and replace the correct fuse.
4, the power cord or wire breakage or control circuit connected.
Workaround: poor contact wire breakage and repair or replacement.
5, the power supply voltage is too low.
Solution: measured voltage value is less than 10% of the standard supply voltage.
6, the motor sound, but did not rotate.
Solution: Check the motor phases is correct - and good insulation repair action.
7, the emergency switch is pressed.
Solution: Make sure that the cause of the emergency switch is pressed.
8, the contactor bad.
Workaround: manually operated hoists, electric chain hoist if the normal action, the representative of the control coil or wire has poor contact - to find out the location of poor contact and repair; In terms of the operating manual hand chain hoist is still not operating, then need to check the main power supply is normal, if the main power is not a title, it is bad contacts, not the normal output, you need to replace the contactor.
9, the contactor coil shorted
Solution: Replace the contactor

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