Taiwan』s Top 10 Cherry Blossom Destinations

2016.01.11 03:14PM

Alishan Youth Activity Center (阿里山青年活動中心)-009.jpg

March and April are Japan』s peak seasons for tourism. At this time, air tickets and hotel prices are at least double. Why? Because Japan』s national flower, the cherry blossom, is in bloom. But did you know that Taiwan also has some beautiful cherry blossoms of its own? Given the cheap cost of coming to Taiwan, as well as its beauty, it really does make sense to come to Taiwan to experience the magic of cherry blossoms instead! Here we have compiled a list of prime locations for appreciating the cherry blossoms in Taiwan.

Alishan: Classic Destination

Alishan Youth Activity Center (阿里山青年活動中心)-007.jpg

Famous for its Giant Forest, Forest Railway, beautiful sunrise, fragrant tea, and the Sea of Clouds, Alishan is the delight of millions of tourists and locals each year. One particular attraction is the March cherry blossoms, which are especially visible at Alishan Youth Activity Center and Zhaoping Park. If you are looking for the best cherry blossoms in Taiwan, you may just have found them at Alishan!

Wuji Tianyuan Temple: Busy but Beautiful

Wuji Tianyuan Temple (無極天元宮)-017.jpg

The Wuji Tianyuan Temple in Tamsui makes number 2 because of its convenience close to Taipei. The temple overlooks a forest of cherry blossoms, making good photographs possible from all aspects. Be warned though – in mid-March, it is almost impossible to find a park here, and on weekends, public transport is also a bit of a nightmare!

Wu』s Ancestral Shrine: Floral Views of Taipei


Overlooking Tamsui and Shilin, Wu』s Ancestral Shrine is a gem if you are wanting to get a glimpse of the Taipei night-scene. But aside from the luxurious Chinese-style pavilions here, the cherry blossoms are a sight in themselves. Just don』t be surprised if you are sharing the blossoms with many amateur photographers and newly-weds during peak season!

Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village: Blossoming Knowledge

Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village (九族文化村)-011.jpg

Just a thirty minute drive from Sun Moon Lake, Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village is an interactive experience where you can discover the history and culture of nine major indigenous tribes of Taiwan. Making your way through the park, cherry blossoms will greet you from all directions. With the backdrop of the mountain foliage, this is a beautiful and meaningful place to experience cherry blossoms.

Xueba Leisure Farm: Alpine Blossoms

Xueba Leisure Farm (雪霸休閒農場)-011.jpg

Xueba Leisure Farm is situated in a remote mountain area where the elevation is about 2000 meters. An extensive vegetable garden complements the seasonal flowers on display, of which cherry blossoms are a particular highlight. If you like hiking, this is definitely for you; numerous hiking trails for all levels are nearby. Because it is so remote, it is necessary to stay in the cabin at the farm overnight. The wonderful restaurant selling a range of western and Chinese cuisine makes this no hardship at all!

North Sea Jishi Temple: Secret Forest

North Sea Jishi Temple (北海濟世宮)-001.jpg

North Sea Jishi Temple in New Taipei City may be dedicated to Joshino, a Buddhist god, but some people who come here are actually worshipping the cherry blossoms next to it! As it is a little less known than other cherry blossom sites, and relatively easy to get to, it is a particularly good place to get some very pretty snaps.

Wulai Waterfall: Power vs Fragility

Wulai Old Street (烏來老街)-031.jpg

The highest waterfall in North Taiwan, Wulai Waterfall is the ideal place for cherry blossom viewing and photography. The powerful water that is background to the delicate pink blossoms is a special sight indeed. And don』t forget to browse the aboriginal food and handicrafts for sale nearby, or take a dip in the hot springs!

Renshan Botanic Gardens: Dappled Light Blossoms

Rehshan Botanick Garden (仁山植物園)-006.JPG

A popular site for hiking, Renshan Botanic Gardens is the most accessible botanic garden in Yilan. The cherry blossoms that flower in late winter here are especially famous. If you are an early-bird, watch the beautiful sunrise at the end of the walking path in the gardens before experiencing the beauty of the cherry blossoms in the early morning light.

Sun Link Sea: Awe-Inspiring

Sun Link Sea (杉林溪)-021.jpg

Sun Link Seahas something for everyone. At 1600 meters altitude, its natural life is brimming with flowers, fir trees and wild animals, of which cherry blossoms are especially popular around Chinese New Year. Don』t miss out on the easy hiking trails in the area to be awed by the unusual shapes of the natural rocks around you.

Wuling Farm: Cherry Blossoms and Star-Gazing

Wuling Farm (武陵農場)-010.jpg

Although situated in Taichung, Wuling Farm is only a two hour drive from Yilan City and situated on route to the second highest peak in Taiwan, Snow Mountain. Enjoy the seasonal cherry blossoms from your well maintained camping site, or stay in the hotel and finish your day off with live orchestra and star gazing.

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