apanese art collectors and auction industry has been detailed categ Red bott

2012.04.17 01:21PM
apanese art collectors and auction industry has been detailed categ Red bott

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Since February, the Japanese held for a num

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 ber of field of Chinese art investors in the spring art auction, the Chinese art of investment heat seems to suddenly upgrade this spring. Of the past two years, the Chinese art brush out on international auction house a new high of Chinese local people on behalf of the Asian personal collection, big spenders in the Chinese art and antiquities investment. Some experts believe that the p

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 ast two years, international hot money flock to investment-related collectibles. Reporter yesterday interviewed many experts and scholars of Shenzhen collectors Detailed trends and issues.

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. on the auction market in Japan, Chinese art has always been highly valued category. February 22 to 23 at the Fourth in the Tokyo Dome Hotel Tokyo central auctio

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 n will be divided into ancient Chinese paintings and calligraphy of Chinese painting and calligraphy couplets special modern Chinese paintings and calligraphy pot in the universe snuff bottle Among t

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 hem, the Japanese snow Jiang Tong collection the album myriad Cottage Collection of Ancient Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Museum of Chinese c

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 eramics collection album Wu Tianhong Zhong collections album, have been held in high esteem. The fourth central Tokyo auction will launch the calligraphy and painting ceramic antique tea snuff bottles, and other auction sample catalog eight books, produced over 1700, Lan Ying in the Ming Dynasty landscape scroll off the Sapporo 92 million yen to the removal of the auction Standard King. 

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Japan Auction Co., Ltd. in Tokyo six books of the Spring Garden Museum o

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 f Art held in the spring of 2012, art auction on February 25. Including the auction of more than 400 pieces of calligraphy and painting porcelain and other miscellaneous film, which is included a large number of highly sought after by the Chinese collectors Qi Li Keran and other famous works. 


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February 28 to 29, the sixth auction was opened in Nagoya, Japan

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 , including more than 2000 pieces of the ancient art of Chinese calligraphy and painting the gold and silver system ancient bronzes of China jade products, Japan's ancient art, such as The auction attracted a large number of Chinese buyers. News that the auction 70% of the buyers from China. 

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Japanese art collectors and auction industry has been detailed categ

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 ories and distinctive features of known. Chinese art and heritage as a popular category in Japan have extensive professional and cultural foundation and academic foundation. Some scholars believe that this is a long time for the worship of the Chinese culture. Another corroboration of this view is also considerable cultural and investment value of European art in Japan with the academic focus of the transaction was far less than the heat of Chinese art and heritage

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art trade by geographical 

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Guangdong Han Qing Hua Auction Co., Ltd. Artistic Director Liu Mo, optimistic about Chinese art in the international market hot phenomenon. He believes that on the one ha

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 nd, the international influence of Chinese culture in the progressive upgrading of the world on a variety of investors and collection agencies increasingly strong interest in Chinese history and culture. On the other hand, a large number of exit of hot 

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 money from China's industrial investment targeting the exchange market in Chinese art, these two trends lead to the appreciation of Chinese art as a whole has become an inevitable. The Liu foam forest, 

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stressed that geographical differences in the art auction will be the transaction price differences, such 

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