players from more than 350 kinds of building types, selection, and want to combine links and re-arrange structures .

2012.06.05 04:24PM
players from more than 350 kinds of building types, selection, and want to combine links and re-arrange structures .

000882 ) rose 2.65% ; coal red sole shoes christian louboutin sale , brewing , textiles , agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery plate trend is weaker , Datong Coal Industry gained 0.43% , Changyu a or 1.21% , the Sanmao sent of God or 1.19% , Huaying agriculture fell by 2.87% , the two cities about more than half of the stock rise.significant matters of


S * ST Digital (000 Summer dresses 578) since January 16, 2008, S * ST Digital stock revoked the delisting risk warning, the implementation of other special handling. Stock referred to as the change from the

Tianhong Baoye (600,376) non-public offering of 55,000 shares, issue price of 10.80 yuan / share.

horse racing industry (600 449) Local Taxation Bureau of Ningxia agree that five years can be credited against the corporate income tax 31,903,800 yuan.

Yuyuan Tourist Mart (600 655) signed an equity transfer agreement the total amount of 110 Christian louboutin red bottoms Red bottom heels million yuan.

Inner Mongolia Huadian (600 863) 3 # 4 # Unit of electricity price per kWh by 0.015 yuan, from November 16, 2007.

ST Changjiang River (600 695) for financial discount of 10.6 million yuan. Dumas shares (600 565) today from suspension.

Huitong Group (000415) the Truswell guarantees held by the company 21 million shares to be pledged.

Little Swan A (000 418), the controlling shareholder intends through the open call for the intention of the transferee an agreement to transfer all the shares held.

Liugong (000,528) Christian louboutin shoes sale issuance of convertible bonds to the application is the issuance examination committee conditionally passed, the resumption of trading today.

S * ST Juyou (000 693) April 30 to disclose the 2007 annual report, company stock may Fake rolex watches for sale be delisted.

Xin Long Holdings (000,955) suspension.

Seiko (002 006) today suspension.

Supor (002 032) Christian louboutin sale on January 18 suspension.

Jiangsu Guotai Red bottoms (002,091) won the national subsidy funds of 800 million.

changes in ownership

Hing Fat Group (600,141) Shareholders' holdings of 325 million shares. Oriental Silver Star (600 753) two shareholders holdings of ed hardy shirts 163 million shares.

the CYTS

high heel with red bottom in (600,138) non-public issue of 5250 shares traded since January 22.

bus shares (600,741) by selling part of Minsheng Bank shares, accumulated by selling 300 million shares. Good masters (600 467), the largest shareholder holdings of 1258 shares. ST Hung Chen (600 711) agreed to acquire three rich 42% stake in the mining industry.


Hangzhou Iron and Steel shares (600,126) restricted shares traded on January 21. Dalian Sun Asia (600 593) two shareholders holdings of 130 million shares.

Lansheng shares (600,826) 14,020,000 restricted shares traded on January 21. Long built Shares (600,853) shareholders' holdings of shares to 457 million shares.

Swell Holding (600,145) 17,880,000 restricted shares are traded on January 18. ed hardy clothing The two shareholders of the Taiji Industry (600 667) is the cumulative reduction of 599 million shares.

* ST Po vote (000 008) Fu Tian investment once again holdings of 97 million shares.

CCID Media (000 504) 5904 shares of restricted shares traded on January 16. The tetracyclic biological (000,518) 14,791 shares of restricted shares traded on January 16.

East China Science and Technology (000 727) 579 shares of restricted shares traded on January 16. Weixing (002003) 1000 million additional A shares listed on January 16.

Sunlord Electronics (002 138) of the proposed transferee Shenzhen CSG Electronics Co., Ltd. 100% equity.

Christian louboutin heels

Annual Report courier

Lianyungang (601,008) Earnings per share of 0.25 yuan.


Chu shares (600,787) by 60%.

Haitai development (600,082) pre-increase more than 70%.

Shanghai Mechanical & used black christian louboutin Electrical (600 835) pre-and above by 50%.

Jin Jing (600,586) pre-increase more than 230%.

Ginza shares (600,858) pre-increase more than 50%.

Rolex replica Qingdao Soda Ash (600,229) pre-by 50-100%.

in grain Tunhe (600737) Pre-increased 100% to 160%.

S * ST Tong Branch (600,862) earnings guidance.

Suzhou High-tech pre-increase of about 50% (600 736).

CITIC Bank (601998) Pre-increased more than 100%.

Pearl red bottom shoes for women platforms River Holdings (000 505) Pre-losing Wedding gowns about 35 million yuan.

Silver Star Energy (000 862) is expected performance in 2007 about 16 million yuan, earnings per share of about 0.07 yuan.

Business investment


new treasure (600,208) Zhejiang Lan too Properties Limited replenishment Christian louboutin shoes replica 3741.3333 million.

the Oceanwide construction (000 046) is again a wholly-owned subsidiary of the registered capital to 200 million yuan. Fengle Seed (000,713) the transferee the Fengle 7.5 percent stake in the hotel.

celebrity home (000 667): issuance of A shares is not more than 19,697 shares, online and purchase date for the January 17 issue price of 15.23 yuan / share.

Kane shares (002 012) subsidiary, the Quzhou Hang Pao-teh, Paper 1470 million shares transferred to AW.


waiting for

, for a long time , loved the players christian louboutin red bottom stilettos of the SimCity series this winter finally playable to the latest work, Electronic Arts officially announced SimCity : < / p > < / p >

game and before the series , is that players not only can design personal wants of the city , but also can create their culture Christian louboutin shoes , social behavior and environment Knockoff Christian louboutin ; whether it is to create a green city and culture of environmental awareness , or have a city of art , or spiritual communities , and even a haunted town , etc. , to see the players how to use creativity and resources , the flexibility to create SimCity . < / Replica louboutin shoes p >



Electronic Arts said that the Cheap replica watches start of the game , players from more than 350 kinds of building types, selection, and want to combine links and re-arrange structures . Players can challenge authority, the experiment when the public in an unruly Orwellian (Note: George Orwell is a British Wedding dresses political satirist ) social , how to resist those in power and make what heinous things .


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