Co., Ltd. Chen Weibin the the Pigeon aquaculture

2012.06.27 01:45PM
Co., Ltd. Chen Weibin the the Pigeon aquaculture

million tons of ethylene

1 000 million tons refinery project put into operation, Tianjin Petrochemical to become the country's largest producers of ethylene and the region's largest oil refining and processing base in North China, oil refining, ethylene technologies have reached the advanced level of the international petrochemical industry.

general manager Samsung batteries of Tianjin Petrochemical, China and Saudi Arabia (Tianjin) White prom dresses Petrochemical Co., Ltd. President Xu Hongxing, 1000 ton oil refining project of one million tons of ethylene can be added this year, sales revenue of $ 600 million, driven by investment in downstream industries and ancillary works about 100 billion yuan, directly or indirectly increase of more than 20,000 jobs, stimulating the Tianjin industrial output increased by about 4 percentage points.

Insiders pointed out that after the project put into operation, the formation of a petrochemical enterprise group in China's Bohai Sea, the formation of interaction pattern with the petrochemical base in eastern and southern China, a strong impetus to the development of China's petrochemical industry.

China Net · Binhai New News Sinopec Tianjin one million tons ethylene million Evening dresses 2012 tons refinery project yesterday officially put into commercial operation marks a major breakthrough in China's petrochemical industry structure adjustment and industrial upgrading.

10 afternoon, Tianjin and Sinopec Group Company held in the guest house of a strategic cooperation framework agreement signing ceremony. Tianjin will strongly support the development Sinopec Group Company in Tianjin, Bluetooth headphones Sinopec Group will actively participate in the construction of the South Industrial Zone, further improve the marketing network system in Tianjin refined oil. On the morning of the 11th Tianjin commercial crude oil reserve base construction project groundbreaking ceremony was held at the Nangang Industrial Zone. The project will build 32 100,000 cubic meters of floating roof storage tanks, and equipped with the construction of oil pumping stations, fire pumping stations and other facilities. At this point, Nankang Industrial Zone, warehousing and logistics group has ushered in five projects in the petrochemical, oil, the TEDA Blue Shield, Northern Petroleum, Beijing Sea Cheap wedding dresses petrochemical project capacity of a total of 6.05 million cubic meters, fully completed, will enable the Nangang become important petrochemical Cheap Wedding Dresses logistics base.

construction of oil depot in North China PetroChina, Sinopec, the domestic petrochemical planes, TEDA Blue Shield, Northern Petroleum, Beijing Shanghai petrochemical local strength of the enterprise, in the past eight months, their investment tentacles stretch Nankang. According to statistics, the five companies in the warehousing and logistics projects in Nankang combined total investment of 8.2 billion yuan, the total project capacity of 6.05 million cubic meters, oil turnover will exceed 60 million cubic meters. Its storage product range covers crude Wedding Dresses 2012 oil, refined oil, heavy oil, residual oil, heavy aromatics.

Nankai Institute of Economics, deputy director of Gang said that the petrochemical industry is one of the pillar industries of Tianjin Binhai New Area, Tianjin Petrochemical, Dagang Oilfield, petrochemical leading enterprises gather here. A number of warehousing and logistics project site in Nankang, mature industrial base with the New Area, relevant experience, closely related ancillary facilities. More important to the Nankang build the attraction of the prospect of world-class heavy industry and port the Ribbon. Gang seems that the Nangang Industrial Zone, warehousing and logistics group with its huge volume and superior geographic conditions will be the radiation throughout the North China, and has an important position in the Dresses Weddings domestic petrochemical logistics base.

pull the Binhai New Area, the petrochemical industry leap

development prospects optimistic. Quinceanera dresses

Julia Nankang Industrial Zone, planning one of the participants, he believes, petrochemical storage and logistics projects and petrochemical downstream industries, its start will be the Binhai New Area, the petrochemical industry have greatly driven effect. pressure, enhance the level of optimization of Tianjin Port and Tianjin Port to create space. In the petrochemical, oil, TEDA Blue Shield petrochemical warehousing and logistics projects in the future will be the leading project of the Sino-Russian refining, Bluestar Chemical settled an important raw material warehousing, product distribution services.

protect the regional oil market Wedding Dresses 2012 stability

Nankang Industrial Zone, official said. It is understood that the investment in Nangang 3.0 billion, the storage volume of 3.2 million cubic meters Tianjin crude oil reserve base Evening dresses is also expected to Wedding Dresses start in the near future.

Wedding dresses 2012

Wang Chunlin

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