from this year's show Dynasty furniture the universally furniture and royal furniture

2012.06.27 02:19PM
from this year's show Dynasty furniture the universally furniture and royal furniture

Introduction: 315 the interests of consumers day, shortly after the 2012 spring Guangdong Furniture Fair week, a series of exposed from furniture plagiarism infringement case, the former dynasty furniture agent in Guangzhou Fair Italy Terui Qi brand, Four Seas Furniture The CARPENTER series, after the Shenzhen Exhibition of the Royal modern furniture industry has said that the furniture Cheap Wedding dresses under 100 plagiarism violations surprising, why copying the wind always repeated? Corporate rights go? Pacific home network for your detailed interpretation.
Keywords: furniture exhibition the universally furniture dynasty furniture furniture plagiarism infringement

[ ],[Qi brand, after the Four Seas Furniture CARPENTER series, 27th Furniture Fair in Shenzhen today (March 21) and now Beijing Royal Furniture Co., Ltd. complaint Jiangsu Sen rock furniture on display in the Bali Art Royal 鈥� Arts Square

However, industry insiders said that Rolex replicas the furniture surprising plagiarism violations, completely nothing new, why is Cheap wedding dresses the furniture industry plagiarism wind always repeated? Enterprise rights Nanzaihechu? Successful rights of way where ? Pacific home for your detailed interpretation.

Event Review: Dynasty furniture, universal furniture, Royal modern furniture has been infringed arising from either the mattress of

Peacock VS Dynasty Group brand Atlas sample

March 18, 2009, the 29th Guangzhou

Red Bottoms

International Furniture Fair Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou Shengda Qi screen to carry out the same day, brand variety of Italy TRECI Terui Qi apply for patent protection dynasty furniture (4.2C01 Booth) agent by the same pavilion in Area A, only a booth distance Peacock furniture (4.2C06 Booth) counterfeit products openly suspected of copying the design on the booth a conspicuous place.


universally furniture to produce proof of ownership of products from being copied

March 19, following the dynasty furniture sued Peacock copying its variety of product patent protection After the 29th Guangzhou International Furniture Fair start another plagiarism controversy, have got the Four Seas Furniture (Booth: 9.2C01). This morning (March 21), Four Seas Furniture hold a press conference, sued the art home for centuries (Booth 11.2B01) copied its patented products, There are also homecoming dresses 2012 several companies are also the current show varying degrees of plagiarism Four Seas Furniture The design of products last year.

after universally furniture, Art century-Furniture Association of Zhongshan, Guangzhou Intellectual Property Protection Association and the organizers of the Furniture Fair in Guangzhou, consultation, Art century-plagiarism copied recognize some of the products on display Four Seas Furniture CARPENTER series, and Christian louboutin make a commitment to cancel an exhibition, at fake Christian louboutin the same time to apologize to the Four Seas Furniture parties; and the subsequent destruction of the action, Four Seas Furniture said it would apply under the relevant provisions of the procedure execution. [Related reading: Guangzhou Exhibition re-exposure to plagiarism door universally furniture sued arising from either enterprise]

Royal Furniture wedding gowns is responsible for production, general manager Jin Yongliang

universally furniture convened just finished a press conference the afternoon of March 21, Shenzhen Furniture Fair to be exposed with the infringement plagiarism incident, Jinyong Liang, general manager of Cheap homecoming dresses Royal Furniture is responsible for production introduction, is located in Shenzhen Furniture Fair in Hall 6, Jiangsu Sen rock Bali Art Furniture hall display products: including beds, bedside cabinets, wardrobes, dining tables and chairs, racks, Replica watches sofas, coffee table, pumpkin chairs, bookcases, desks, etc., actually, and Royal Furniture's 路 Arts Square Replica rolex Arts Corner

Mori rock furniture, director of marketing, Zhang Wenjie asked and the Bali Art Products similar to or can not explain the counterfeit, maybe the idea of 鈥嬧€媡he designer is the same for such representations to the results, Jinyong Liang is clearly not satisfied, Royal Modern resolutely decided to crackdown require the organizers to identify the fact that, as soon as possible and closed Mori rock furniture showroom, in any case have an short prom dresses explanation, and retain the power to resort to the law.

phenomenon observed: copying the wind in the industry of repeated corporate rights

exposed from furniture plagiarism infringement from the spring of 2012, Guangdong Furniture Fair week series of Pacific home network discovery, and ultimately to defend their rights infringement and has been infringed both sides have chosen to settle out of court quickly settled out of court in a short time, removed the infringing furniture then Xi Shi, which eliminates the lawsuit dispute. Two companies to the peaceful settlement of the events of course, we can still see the Chinese furniture industry, copying and counterfeiting events of the original product, infringement lawsuits are common, most enterprises have encountered all kinds of violations, which covers trademark infringement, the appearance of patent infringement.

products and services provider of enterprise rights difficult has been the furniture original corporate pressure on the heart can not remove the tungsten. The infringing enterprise is why many times rights, plagiarism phenomenon is still emerging? Replica watches Enterprise rights Nanzaihechu? Successful rights of way where is that?


rights status quo: rights in the time-consuming and difficult


They also have mind to litigation costs, Cheap Christian louboutin shoes however, they found that this case a dozen years, wait until the results come out, has already missed the timing to stop. Today, they just want to talk to each other coordination, the withdrawal of the infringing products as soon as possible, make a commitment to no longer infringing.

plagiarism origin: violations from local characteristics rights terms of the lack of standardization

Chinese furniture, the prevalence of copying the style of the fake rolex datejust industry dubbed The vast majority of people engaged in the furniture industry with the carpenter, the origin, the common characteristics of this group are: the educational level is not high, with a strong family color.

cultural awareness to some Rolex replica extent, the concept of product design and innovation is difficult to let a little room for family management in Red bottom shoes the introduction of talent. Even if the individual concept designer to join a lot of things that are designed according to the boss wishes 渚濊懌鑺︾敾鐡� China's design community nor the formation of an atmosphere of their own independent studio designers are not many.



activism: play to the role of brand alliances joint stores clean their own house

Zhongshan Furniture Association Secretary-General Dengguang Sen said in an interview with the Pacific home network, the Chamber of Commerce can play a to the role is to oversee the collaborative enterprise to warn the infringing enterprises in the incident, but to Rolex replica impose a fine to the infringing enterprise to destroy the infringing products, you need to rely on to take the legal channels.

legal means to impose the advantage, but the disadvantage is taking too long, too expensive, cumbersome procedures, many companies eventually choose to give up his rights for Replica watches the current status quo on rights at work 2 proposals.

Copy rolex First, give full play to the role of Replica watches brand alliances, actively rights crackdown in the show;

two joint well-known home store, the establishment of strategic alliances made with dozens of well-known home stores in-depth cooperation. Swept out of the copied product.

PChouse Comments: The former president of the Italian furniture brand, the whole world furniture exhibition site rights crackdown, after the Beijing Royal Furniture

Admittedly, copying the style of, certainly had achievements only better and more economical with industry in developing countries, but in the long run, but when the phenomenon Innovative enterprises because of the lack of protection, no one no longer willing to go to innovation this way. Finally, we can foresee that the Chinese furniture manufacturing will eventually due to a serious lack of innovation and intellectual property awareness and collectively toward extinction.

However, from this year's show Dynasty furniture the universally furniture and royal furniture, furniture enterprises active in combating infringement plagiarism, indicating that within the furniture industry times growing up, learn to innovate, learn how to protect intellectual property rights. breitling replica Many people in the industry, hope to start gradually initiated from the ideology and strive for the elimination of copying the style of fraud within the industry.

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