people to their former senior government officials

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people to their former senior government officials
there are a lot of people were sent to the Central Plains around the wasteland, Mita, there are many Moose Red bottom shoes Lin Junshi and artisans to christian louboutin replica shoes the East, to serve as gunners or engineers, technicians and astronomy experts, there are a few people to their former senior government officials. Islam in Central Asia of all ethnic groups of people (at that time called flourished. Ming History of Western Regions, said: help people (mostly Muslims), Semu the status after the Mongol and Han Chinese, on top of the Penan. Islamic culture is higher Red sole shoes than that of Mongolia, Mongolian assimilation to Islam by more and more. To the Ming Dynasty in China, the formation of a new national Hui. More stringent areas of the Ming Dynasty, the Hui and other ethnic groups Muslim distinguished from the living area to stabilize the economy with the development of common Chinese language text, absorbed the Han culture, enrich their own culture, and customs of life that has been established. Ming Dynasty, although the race of the other nation, emphasizing the points of China and the barbarians, but the founding depends on the Muslims in many that there are many Muslims in the founding general, it is in the Ming Dynasty, Islam, popular veneration.

extended to the Qing Dynasty, Manchu in Mongolian, Tibetan Buddhist forces rely on the political, but also the self-proclaimed successor of Orthodoxy, in this case, as the back, the status of Uighur religion, Islam can not be with the Confucian is more lenient in the early Qing Dynasty, as the rate of all scorn of the believers However, throughout the Qing government banned Islam, especially in the early Qing Dynasty emperors or respect for Islam. The mid-Qianlong, the use by the tolerance to the brutal suppression of the transition, but the content and reason of this change are complex, one important factor is the Islam that takes place inside the old sectarian dispute back to the Han contradiction long-term accumulation and the outbreak of these feudal rulers exploited [20].

Central Asia in the heart of the ancient world's greatest civilizations. Before Islamization, the greatest impact in the ancient Central Asian Buddhist. According to Bator Stewart, christian louboutin pumps Central Asia in the 13th century, the Islamization [21]. When the Turks later by Islam, it is more religious than Arabs. Now, the five Central Asian countries in the Turkic language family and the Iranian family of languages ​​of all ethnic groups and Dungan family [23] all believed in Islam, mostly Sunni, some Tajiks are Shiite. event on

Turkic is also the history of Central Asia and the world historical significance. Central Asia must pass through the south by the northern nomadic, where the natural fusion of different races gathered to. 6-13 century AD, the Central Asian Turkic period, the arrival of the Mongols and the ruling Turks realization, because it followed the Mongols came to most of the nomadic tribes of this region are the Turks. Turks is mainly refers to the linguistic assimilation. In accordance with modern linguistics of classification, the Turkic Altaic Family a language family, the language family, but also contains a lot of different dialects of modern Turkish Turkic language family important dialect one, other Turkic language family of dialects also including the Kirghiz, Uzbek Turkmen, Azeri, Uyghur and other dozens. Language similar to the exchange between the different ethnic louboutin replica Turkic-speaking up small obstacles. In Central Asia, Tajiks escaped the Turks, the process to become the only Indo-European-speaking Central Asia, the main local ethnic modern nation.

Turkistanization nomadic Turkic people in the military conquest, and the process of assimilation of local ethnic groups from Central Asia to Asia Minor in the language and customs. This process of Islamization confluence after more rapidly. Convenient because common to convert to Islam, Turks and other ethnic intermarriage and mixed-race. We can not determine in the end there are a number of rule, under the rule of the process of assimilation of various ethnic groups. Operating Turkic tribes told the history of Christian louboutin outlet the world have a major impact, with its large dynasty / empire: Seljuk Dynasty (1037 ~ 1194); with Iran as the center of the Arab Empire as mercenaries into the military and political the core, and established in Egypt the Mamou Luke dynasty (1250 ~ 1517); created by the Turks of the Mongol Timur Empire (1370 ~ 1507), as well as the Timur future generations to create India's Mughal Empire (1526 ~ 1857 ); Iran's Safavid Empire (1501 ~ 1736); Asia Minor, Ottoman Empire (1299 ~ 1922).

from the Turks of the results, it brought together an operation in Central Asia to the Middle East, Turkic ethnic groups with a large area. The existence of this region to become the basis of Wedding gowns the rise of modern Pan-Turkism. Pan-Turkism Sexy Lingerie science in the modern rise of Europe The Orientalist proposed that the This idea became the raw materials of modern nationalism, and on this basis, the Pan-Turkism re-language, religion and the reality of the situation-based, arises out of trying to rebuild which a combination of even gone beyond the Islamic identity of the so-called Pan-Turkism is also the modern history of the Soviet Union in Central Asia, the most important from the face of the main challenges of the local.

Islamic civilization and Chinese civilization suffered

Islamic civilization in the Western expansion and spread caused by the encounter of two different nature of civilization: the secular Confucian religion of Islam. For the Central Plains, it suffered a sacred religious civilization - the body politic is not the modern Christian western countries, but from the Islam of cheap red bottom shoes for women the Middle East.

Islamization in Central Asia has the world historical significance. Alexander the Empire or the Han and Tang Empire in Central Asia to reach the final destination cheap louboutin black platform pump of the military force. Whether the establishment of urban or set Dohobu, the empire of the East and West are not really completely sexy Nightwear in the culture / Replica Christian louboutin civilization on conquered Central Cheap Christian louboutin Asia. Only from the Middle East, Islamic civilization on to completely conquer the entire Western Region, and the next thousand years no longer any kind of civilization to be able to replace the Christian louboutin replica Islamic civilization. Islam has been internalized in the bone marrow Sexy Fishnet Lingerie and blood of Western civilization. Why Islamic forces in Central Asia to win?

First, from a productivity point of view, the founder of the Islamic empire, the Arabs large-scale use of camels, to the area between the drug to kill the water in Morocco, camels instead of the carriage to become the cheapest and most efficient transport in this region, the Islamic Empire in the fastest, most complete, most permanently established until the Middle Ages, camels are not the main means of transport east of the Pamir, in the Pamirs west of the contrary, aforementioned Han will be Li Guangli expedition to Fergana, the main task of the transport by the 100 000 head of cattle completed. The Tang dynasty camel is not the main means of transport across the Gobi. The success of Islam in Central Asia, in part by the massive use of camels to explain, that is, in the Western Islamic camel overcome Gansu carriage, which, later the General Tso have a deep understanding of [25].

Secondly, the most important thing is that the path of civilization to expand. Why is Greece, Persia and the Han and Tang culture, ancient civilization of the great cultural representation have to exit in front of the Islamic culture of replica louboutin the Western stage of history? On behalf of the Islamic culture of the Arab empire, the rule in Central Asia in just two or three centuries made in Central Asia occurred in the overall Islamization, some scholars have pointed out: subsidiary of the victory of the political culture of Central Asia, but also right, although with a long and ancient civilization, but the combination of aggressive and advanced economies has been relatively conservative Greek, Persian, Chinese culture was partial victory ... Greece, Persia, China Han Tang and other ancient civilizations, but just only the general spread of their own civilization and radiation, like the Islamic culture as consciously to large-scale positive coverage means to carry forward the long tradition of civilization, but it is very lacking in this for China , the lesson is very heavy. one of the key reasons is the ancient Cheap Christian louboutin shoes Chinese emphasis on border areas of national policy and adapted to the requirements of the local ethnic Jimi benevolent government management system, but failed to effectively enhance the decision-making and play the competitiveness of the Confucian civilization and culture business. The second reason is the administration of China in Central Asia is not explicitly included in the national structure of the ancient Chinese territory. explanation of dimensions, but did not touch on the Emphasized aspects of the cultural strategy, but pointed out that the withdrawal Red bottoms of the replica christian louboutin shoes Han and Christian louboutin sale Tang civilization, such as in front of the Islamic civilization is a failure of policy. This is actually only see the surface of the problem. Chinese - Tang,

Confucian culture is the kind of secular, relying on the specific farming - to settle in the community - to the relationship between the form of civilization. Confucian civilization of the world view and Datong advocate, demonstrate its universality; However, due to its specific geographical space attached to the Confucian world view of the imagination to expand the physical space they must be available only in the Central Plains Han, torn off and here it is difficult to the implementation of its doctrinal universality of practical politics is Islam is a monotheistic belief homologous with Judaism, Christianity, it is not relying on a particular secular spatial order, and the belief in the ultra-secular one true God (Allah) called for and Purpose of universal 'form of civilization, and its absolute sense of the universality of greater than Confucianism, of course, want to emphasize that this has nothing to do with the merits of civilization. From the point of view of the revealed religions, Islam is the most perfect form / logic most simple monotheistic belief in the religion's own logic to the extreme.

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