should the invitation of the university president Cai Yuanpei,

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should the invitation of the university president Cai Yuanpei,


■ Einstein

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dean of Einstein,

the scientific community, should the invitation of the university president Cai Yuanpei, Wedding Dresses 2012 commitments at Beijing University as two weeks of lectures, but for various reasons and the

1922 11 13, dean of Einstein of the scientific community to stay on his way to visit Japan in Shanghai, was awarded the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics by the telegraph. Prior to that he had decided after the end of the visit to Japan to the North, but the final pass with Peking University, leaving behind a history of regret.

Einstein's He actively contributed to the dissemination of the early theory of relativity in China, had personally visited Einstein in Germany, and Cheap Wedding Dresses 2012 many letters inviting them to come to Peking University to give lectures. Although Einstein's trip to China is ultimately unsuccessful, Cai Yuanpei and Einstein forged a profound friendship and iphone 4 cases Cai Yuanpei contribution to the dissemination of new learning new knowledge, still is the history of cultural exchange between his brother's wife.

a speech, Cai Yuanpei To know the theory of relativity and Einstein


Einstein proposed the special theory of relativity to time, the basic concepts of space and material to bring a revolutionary change , destroying the old system of Relativistic, the May Fourth Movement in China, spread to create a favorable social environment.

Relativism now China, Cai Yuanpei a speech related to. The beginning of 1917, Cai Yuanpei, the matter of religion speech, speech, words in the

in Cheap cell phone battery the day studying Xu Chongqing do not agree with this view. In September of that year, issued a document on his Japanese students founded the Principle ', and describes some of the basic assumptions of the theory of special relativity and the concept of term.

this response to the article of Cai Yuanpei, Xu Chongqing unexpectedly become the first person to introduce Einstein's special theory of relativity. See Xu Chongqing article, Cai Yuanpei to far in Berlin, Germany, to learn Evening dresses 2012 under the tutelage of Albert Einstein Professor Xia Yuan of the Beijing University of Science seniors consult the relevant knowledge, and ask for a concise introduction relativistic readers to become China's earlier contact with the theory of relativity one of the academics. Appreciate the open-minded Cai Yuanpei Xu Chongqing, and Cheap wedding dresses he became friends with Xu Chongqing after returning home in August 1920, Cai Yuanpei invited to teach at Peking University.

Xu Chongqing, the article published after the start to appear and the article on Einstein and relativity. Soon, the famous British philosopher Bertrand Russell's visit to China, setting off the first wave of

invited Russell to visit Cai Yuanpei, Liang Qichao, the costs of which are sponsored by the Wedding dresses 2012 lectures community. November 1920 to March 1921, Russell made a detailed and systematic introduction to the theory of relativity. Russell is known as one of His speech was quickly translated published and widely circulated in China, so Fake rolex watches that Einstein's name and the womens bvlgari theory of relativity.

Cai Yuanpei three invited Einstein's visit to China

view of the idea of ​​Einstein huge impact in academia, Cai has been invited to visit to Peking University. The end of August 1920, a former Minister of Education of the Yuan Xitao acquaintance with Einstein's visit to Germany. He noted that the and asked Beijing University is willing to host this great physicist.

Cai Yuanpei immediately re-call: At that time, Einstein produced the idea of ​​leaving Germany, but still not resolved, so did not accept this invitation of Cai Yuanpei.

Cai Yuanpei second invitation Einstein's visit to China in Germany During the inspection. In March 1921, Cai Yuanpei, the identity of the university president comes to visit, and invited Europe and the United States, Professor celebrities come to China to teach or give lectures as an important official. He listed the academic elite on the list, Einstein among Dresses Wedding Party the best.

March 16, Cai arrived in Berlin on the third day, made a special trip to visit Einstein personally rolex replica invited to phone accessories give lectures in China. Einstein said that he did not go to Asia, one because he has promised the U.S. lectures, and secondly, he will have in the United States to raise funds for the Jewish University in Jerusalem.

Cai Yuanpei still unwilling to give up hope, he said earnestly, from the United States to China is very convenient, But Einstein politely refused, saying he served as director of the Institute of Physics, Germany did not want him to leave Berlin for too long. To Cai Yuanpei, he said, Cai Yuanpei, said the German, then translated into Chinese by scholars like Xia Yuan. The side of Professor Xia Yuan proposed that the English can also be used to give lectures, but Einstein immediately rejected this proposal, claiming that their English bad. This visit, Cai feel Einstein's willingness friendly to China and visit China, so the invitation to give lectures in China's confidence.

year after the valuable opportunity finally came.

1922, Cai received a telegram from China to Germany Minister Wei Chen inexpensive evening gowns group, said: conditions? imperative to convey Cai Yuanpei knowing Einstein lectures for two weeks, but out of the remuneration of months, we can see its inner Einstein's stay in China for more long. To this invitation letters of Einstein's visit to Berlin on April 8, transferred to Einstein by China to Germany Minister.

Einstein's commitment to the Beijing University speech

late June, 1922, Cai Yuanpei received transferred from China to Germany Embassy of the Einstein letter issued on May 3. Einstein said in the Cheap Prom Dress letter after the visit to Japan to end, opened in accordance with letter of each handle, but proximity to a letter from the American University of the open sections of the number above in your country. letter to open sections, without modification, Wedding Dresses 2012 fear of inconvenience. accompanying and other factors, Einstein put forward two specific conditions: Total. the end of August, Cai received Germany minister to turn to Einstein's reply: informed Einstein promised to visit China, very excited about the domestic intelligentsia, the most joy is Cai Yuanpei. Cai Yuanpei mobilizing to raise funds and organize forces to a highly publicized Einstein and Evening dresses Relativity, invited numerous academic organizations to jointly write a welcome letter to Einstein, have done a lot of preparatory work.

was Beijing University financial constraints, the asking price of $ one thousand yuan of Einstein is an astronomical figure. Peking University's original proposed remuneration of one thousand yuan of Chinese currency, the equivalent of professor at the University of monthly salary was more than Cheap Wedding Dresses three times, now replaced by the U.S., Cai Yuanpei I really felt that I really do not know where to raise. In early July, Cai Yuanpei rushed to Shandong to attend the China Education Improvement Society Liang Qichao on the situation. Liang immediately agreed to his own lectures Society will be part of any funds. In Dresses 2012 multi-party support, honoraria were available, Cai Yuanpei a sigh of relief.

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