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2012.08.04 05:12PM

combining tradition and trend" features and outlines from Italy "Woodpecker" brand image. 12, Anna·Su Anna·Su was the founder of the Anna Sui brand, born in 1955 United States Detroit, with China and the United States of Chinese descent, who is a third-generation immigrants he good at looking for inspiration from a variety of artistic forms: Scandinavian decorations, bulumuborui dimension of Asia with the tribe, and high school matriculation school michael kors hamilton satchel uniforms have become a source of inspiration for her. Anna·Su cosmetics than the fashion. 13, lafu·laolunlafu·laolun is thick with a unit of the United States atmosphere of high taste in fashion, highly stylized styles is a famous brand name of Ralph Lauren two "Ralph Lauren women's clothing" and "Polo by Ralph Lauren" common features, Ralph Lauren fashion fantasy, romance is a fusion, innovation and inspiration for classical rendering, all design details on the schema in a which is not time out value. Major consumer sectors were middle or higher income consumers and celebrities. 14, and suoniya·lijiersuoniya·lijier to knit and knitting clothing and is famous, has "knitting Queen" of reputation, Sonia Rykiel of personality strongly, design thought quite active free, rich innovation spirit, design style comparison independent, is she invention has to seams and the seaming bare outside of clothing, and does not processing skirt of hem, innovation fashion 15, and GUCCI Gucci brand fashion has always been to upscale, and Deluxe, and sexy and is famous for, to "identity and wealth of symbol" brand image into As a wealthy consumer darling of high society, has always been the business community favors, while fashion without losing elegance. Gucci is now Italy's largest fashion groups. 16,

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