CHLOE spring and summer designer purses

 If you are a 20th century 60's fans, Chloe is not to be missed. The "old lady chic" is a unique brand of culture, but do not mistaken must be the mothers level will attempt, on the contrary, the phrase elegant joke penetration bold young innovative details and romantic and elegant taste of nostalgia. It seems to bring a woman to a space that can breathe freely.

Love designer purses mad people really coming spring, all major brands of the new designer purses high temperature hot baked, it is time to reward yourself this season in the designer purses! The spring release of the new designer purses will always be the year of the most fashionable and classic combination of difficult choice. Imagine a Hermès Kelly folding designer purses; inlaid LV LOUIS VUITTON designer purses Monogram letter has a lace decorated the designer purses; or a lovely decorative CHANEL designer purses Luckly Charm, there are lovely pattern as the substrate, we in the end should be selected which one was it? Do not go to hell, who says we can only have a designer purses?
Bottega Veneta luxury leather cheap designer purses brand acquired by Gucci Group in 2001, will become its darling. Season wallet unprecedented bright colors, this brand to further open up the market of young and Ms. Pathfinder stone, to become the dark horse this summer, a colorful and relatively reasonable pricing.
 But, Jane Birkin, not Brigitte Bardot, she is not the only desire of young body and a pretty face. In 1969, along with two chorus with Gainsbourg's Je t'aime, moi non plus the advent of Jane show the talent of a musician. The song is crooning two joyous love moments of praise, then released with the single form, explicit lyrics, plus Jane flirtatious invincible groans, all violated public morality. The media unanimously criticized the song to convey the concept of obscenity, radio stations have also banned, as well as the Vatican also issued a statement accusing the songs contrary to moral. She was born stunner like sound, however, allows the French chanson re popularity.

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