global fans fans representatives organized

2012.12.19 01:13PM
 global fans fans representatives organized

in the palace spread yourself will visit grounded eyebrow village ,after posing as you country out of the palace ,you have left in life green gecko .
You don is green ,secretly send news secretly .Cao Guiren urged China Princess instantly search eyebrow village ,but have gained nothing ,Zhen ?To kill Hua Fei .The application of meter out of thin air :Hua Fei ,Cao Guiren, Princess Party design let eyebrow village that she is pregnant, and then publicly expose out ,let eyebrow village beyond dispute ,it is unwarranted charges out of thin air ,it will not only make the eyebrow Zhuang stripped of title ,grounded palace ,also let her from the d Replica watchesead ,lethality is remarkable .
● itShiji :Zhen ?Clothes incident makes Zhen ?That he is pure element Queen shadow ,then encounter family misfortune all thoughts are blasted. Replica rolex ,born out of the palace to urge the hazy moon after Ganlu Temple practice ,altho Fake watches for saleugh intentional death reasons, but also to make the hazy moon from Queens of th Replica hublot big bangeir persecution ,a walk in order to ensure the safety of hazy moon .
● fis christian louboutin red sole shoesh in troubled watersShiji : Cao Qinmo if Cao Guiren live in modern is really a talent ,in the chaotic case she can be so quick response ,timely to make decisions ,will see rich examine fall immediately pushed Zhen ?A ,to take advantage of chaos catch all in one draft .
It was said Zhen ? the female main transmission with Twelve beauties of part of the audience said ,see Zhen Zhen ?&mdash ;&mdash ;Tanchun + yuan Chun ?. when, often in China Cao noble princess + &mdash ;&mdash ;Wang Xifeng classic a dream of Red Mansions by Cui Jinxi &mdash ;&mdash ;Sheyue feeling ,not only because Zhen ? often in the &mdash ;&mdash ;Shi Xiangyun inside the character dialogue lines and flow and &mdash ;&mdash ;Qing Wen a dream of Red Mansions similar ,more important .
&mdash ;&mdash ;Xiren is , Zhen ? The girl inside t Discount Christian louboutinhe main respect .Princess + end Princess &mdash ;&mdash ;Li Wan and dream of Red Mansions .T Rolex fake watcheshe characters of Shen Meizhuang &mdash ;&mdash ;Xue Baochai and Daiyu are much alike in character .
The &mdash ;&mdash ;&mdash &mdash ;Queen Wang Furen ;Jia Ning bin &mdash ;&mdash ;to link Anhui TV push Cheap wedding gowns &ldquo ;Zhen ?Kill &rdquo ; Zhen ?. be a palace emotional drama ,pay more attention to describing the harem woman &ldquo ;&rdquo ;true feelings, the &ldquo ;&rdquo ;Zhen ?Is the condensation of the thousands of years of countless harem woman in miniature ,from an innocent maiden grow up to be a good and right palace woman, her countless times down, can hardly stand up ,the final by v Cheap rolex watchesirtue of personnel intelligence ,reach the peak of perfection ,become once the queen .
Although the scene is infinite ,but seeing the sweetheart seventeen ,died in his arms ,and she will also is just a sad people through the ages .As a cruel rules of survival reveals h wedding gownsarem costume drama ,director Zheng Xiaolong to the audience and harem how perfectly good person to step into a ghost .
Anhui satellite TV has also recently especially patterned on the popular board game &ldquo war wi Cheap Christian louboutinthin three kingdoms ;&rdqu Rolex replicao ;&ldquo ;Zhen ?Kill &rdquo ;,let game player by playing Zhen ? from t Replica breitlinghe role, in the subversive historical stage ,interpretation of a section of whirling and exciting contest .
Collection of aloes reason is much evening Wang Haoran scene evening news reporter Cheng Yi Zhou Baiyi reported mahogany ,rosewood on t sell t Ugg bootsheory jin sell ,sell aloes on G ,which is now within the circle of consensus .
Last week in Shanghai at the second session of the incense fair ,agarwood staged a Crazy scene ,the value of more than 30000 yuan per gram .Corresponding is ,in many Shanghai high-end private clubs ,with incense ,incense to become more luxury and fashion .
However ,in this increasingly prosperous agalloch eaglewood market behind ,more for these Crazy pay a heavy price .As more and more investors eyeing the wisp scent ,when the market order and the integrity of any longer, then wait for the incense industry may be the onl Uggs for saley quality and authenticity difficile panic .
Many real game player needs ,in order to avoid aloes step ,jade ,such as mahogany Meiping footsteps ,agalloch eaglewood market in addition to autonomy also needs heteronomy ,through government and industry regulation makes the rational market development .
Event replay old master brought about 20000 Replica rolex0 bought a fake agarwood a quiet room ,a guqin ,a strange fragrance ,since ancient times ,is the literati pursues an elegant realm .
High words, ,aloes can regarded as elegant hobby ,not just because of that not much, if any of the unique aroma ,more important is the "I LOVE YOU" candle light, waiting for the arrival of Jiang M Replica watchesengjie fans.Jiang Mengjie stepped into the studio, to see fans lined up waiting for the happy.Bow to thank the night (Decembe Cheap prom dressesr 7th), "young Lin Daiyu" Jiang Mengjie in the new drama "a dream of Red Mansions" () the greeted his birthday.
Jiang Mengjie global fans fans representatives organized spontaneously to the factory, the studio for her birthday.On that day, "Lin Meimei" Jiang Mengjie and the other actors togethe Replica watches for saler in front of the Jia mother scene.
Enthusiastic fans prepared with a picture of Jiang Mengjie KT board, flowers and a Uggs birthday gift, and quiet on the set for.While all the actors to dinner time, loyal fans to create "I LOVE YOU" red candle shape, simultaneously with a picture of Jiang Mengjie KT board waiting patiently for the arrival of the idols.
When Jiang Mengjie returned to the studio, immediately attracted fans screaming, some flowers, a man on elaborate gifts......Beat the red candle will "Lin Meimei" cheeks reflect the very beautiful.In one of the organizers to take the lead, the fans shouted in unison "dream dream Jie Jie, a victory" slogan, expressed their support for Jiang Mengjie and love.
All eyes see, the fans surrounded the delight of the Jiang Mengjie, with tears in her eyes and bowed to the fans.In the cake, Jiang Mengjie also personally cake delivery to every fan's hand, and happy with their group photo.
In addition to photo, prepared fans also asked Jiang Mengjie to sign them memorial.A fan said happily, "my mom is like" a dream of Red Mansions ", I want to dream of my signature picture to my mother!"Emphasis

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