Chongqing channel on 9 August

2012.11.28 11:14AM
Chongqing channel on 9 August

???? Chongqing channel on 9 August, (Li Fengxuan Yin Shujin) a few days ago, Qianjiang area with mountain area of contemporary agriculture demonstrative garden, workers are to sunflower fertilization.
???? In 2010, the Uggs introduction of Hubei Replica watches Lei three group, the formation of three Lei Tian Tian agricultural development company, 150000000 yuan investment, according to "dimensions is changed, industrialization, Cheap wedding gowns specialization" requirements, looking up hill near the village, in the village of the real circulation of 5000 acres of land to build modern agriculture demonstration park, a red sun kiwi cultivation.
???? This Replica breitling watches year, in order to make full use of land resources, widen income channel, on immature woodland interplanting 5000 acres of sunflowers, built in southeast of Chongqing biggest sunflower garden.
development 1000 mus of above, the base area of 670 mu, fruit area of 146 acres, and all other fruits after the cooperation will achieve production value 30000000 yuan of above.Nanyang was the customs company Kiwi consisting mainly of deep processing of agricultural industrialization leading Duplicate watches for sale enterprises, the company always pay attention to the base construction, the base for expansion as the basis Swiss replica watches for the development of.
The wedding gowns company and the hole village cooperation in the construction of red fruit kiwi fruit professional cooperatives is outspread industry catenary transition practice.Red fruit as Kiwi family of high-end products, in recent Replica breitling years in our city kiwi cultivation base county - Replica louboutin Xixia county development, most of which also for early development, did not enter the fruiting period.
As customs company joint hole village construction red fruit kiwi fruit professional cooperatives Replica louboutin to adopt unified scientific cultivation and management methods, in accordance with the pollution-free, green product standard strictly, improve fruit quality, increase the income of members.
"In the next two years, we will also hold the red fruit picking, the kiwifruit orchard construction to become tourist park, the development of efficient agricultural tourism, increase industry value and added value".
???? Chongqing channel on 27 August, August 26th (Zheng Qinglun), the author in Qianjiang District sand dam Rural West Village bubble Kiwi demonstrative base to see a few women in their weeding, laughing and talking, smile on the face.
???? It is understood, the Replica Christian louboutin kiwi base model was built in the end of 2010, has a total area of 309 acres.Base Administrator Qin Guanglong said, kiwi base is built through the land circulation way, the owner should not only base built, but also feed back farmer, make Fake watches the farmer land work, realize win-win owners and farmers.
Then, base in labor on hiring local farmers.At present, on the base of long-term workers left women 15 people.???? "We in the home is mainly for the elderly and children before, basically have no income, now a month at the base diameter of more than 15 days, the Cheap prom dresses main stem loosening the soil, fertilization, watering, weeding, light manual work, each income 50 yuan, are really supporting base blessing oh!"Villager Liu Longcui wiped the sweat on his forehead, said happily.
???? Chongqing channel on 22 October, (Li Fengxuan) "1-9 month, realize agricultural total production value 1420000000 yuan, grow 6.2%; to realize farmer average Christian louboutin replica per capita cash income 5440 yuan, grow 17.
5%," recently, from the Qianjiang Ugg outlet area farming appoint know, predicting annual gross income of rural economy realizes 5000000000 yuan, grow 18%, agriculture total production value will reach 2300000000 yuan, an increase of 6.
5%; farmers per capita net income realizes 6500 yuan.???? Since this year, this area according to "unified three of two change" overall deploy, solid and orderly in the development of modern agriculture, around "characteristic agriculture, benefit agriculture" big close article, the first three quarters, made "agricultural industry, agricultural base is solid advance continuously strengthened, people's livelihood improvement" a good situation, realize agricultural total production value 1420000000 yuan, grow 6.
2%, per capita rural cash income achieves 5440 yuan, grow 17.5%.???? "The first half of the year, my area sustained low temperature, rain and cloudy weather, resulting in a decline of 2061 tons of grain of the tenth lunar month," the area farming appoint relevant responsible person said, however, in front of unfavorable factors, and did not flinch, but make full use of environmental, ecological and other favorable conditions, the live pig, silkworm, flue cured tobacco, backbone industry Ugg boots and kiwi fruit, vegetables and other regional characteristic agriculture potential upgrade, carry qualitative synergism.
???? Solid advance agricultural industry to achieve.1-9 month, the live pig giving column 649000, grow 5.6% compared to the same period.Started construction of rain water 100000, pig farm, to upgrade 1000 above scale pig farm 35; the new development of soil layer 1405000; dairy cow base population of 800 cows, milk cooperative have achieved profitability; achieve sericiculture 80000 pieces, produce chrysalis 55400; flue-cured tobacco planting 80000 acres, is expected Replica watches to produce smoke 175000.
???? Rolex replica Vegetables and fruit characteristics also made gratifying achievements.1-9 month, the new areas of vegetables base 10000 acres, predicting annual planting vegetable 250000 mus christian louboutin replica pumps of above, crop will achieve 300000 tons of above; new planting kiwi fruit 10000 mus, with kiwi base 33000 mus, year achieve production 5000 tons, fruit quality has reached 80%.
???? Get consolidate agricultural base.The completion of water conservancy investment 835000000 yuan, Tai Chi reservoir, small South China Sea water engineering, city flood control project and other key water conservancy project is advanced smoothly, the new solution of 53000 people drinking water; built Replica rolex 72700 acres of forest engineering, aerial seeding afforestation 50000 mus, the forest coverage rate reached 53.
4%; agricultural garden area to add more than 5000 acres of base, infrastructure is perfected further.???? The people's livelihood achieved steady development.The District completed the previous year helps deficient project up to 98 this year, started the implementation of the project that help deficient up 71, relocation of 1383 people, reduce impoverished population 8476 people; build basic level agriculture service center 5, farmer field school 7, begin agricultural skills

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