users Replica Louboutin can contact the dealer.

2013.03.09 10:22AM
users Replica Louboutin can contact the dealer.

2009, the French ARCHOS to launch its first tablet computer GOOGLE platform based on Android -- ARCHOS 5 CEO tablet computer, its birth has opened a new handheld tablet computer era, and will change the way we for the use of PC, a MID market a new round of upsurge.

ARCHOS 5 (ARCHOS 5) CEO tablet, the appearance of christian louboutin knockoffs lightweight, portable, atmosphere, using TI (TI) OMAP chip (ARM CORTEX platform based on A8 core) processors (the fastest in the world of handheld mobile devices, ARCHOS microprocessor) is from the handheld entertainment digital products manufacturer to special (personal computer) manufacturers and the function of Internet Christian louboutin replica terminal transformation of the first product, set the Internet, entertainment, watching TV and GPS in one of many functions.ARCHOS 5 the most excite people's mind is equipped with a GOOGLE Android open platform, broke through the terminal can only add a few Replica watches fixed software chains, and Internet device Louboutin replica seamless connection, so that the interface is more powerful, which makes ARCHOS Replica tag heuer 5 Replica Christian louboutin functional strong, not only has the touch screen, picture browsing, watch video programs so, users can access to the Internet, at any time to enjoy entertainment, information query, mail, finance, business operation, one of the most outstanding business office functions, to break the traditional PC office mode, make the office more timely, convenient, very suitable for business people and senior white-collar people whenever and wherever possible the treatment. Entertainment and leisure.

ARCHOS 5 brings you a new business mode!


ThinkFree 5 CEO tablet Knockoff omega watches computer), business office more free

Archos 5 software interface design, user-friendly operation and use up more follow one's inclinations, designed to support multiple languages to cater to different needs.Archos 5 ThinkFree Mobile and Microsoft Office file real-time seamless link, open the browser and upload at any time Microsoft Office files, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF and other files, it only takes a few Wedding dresses cheap minutes to register a ThinkFree account, your office is completed, no network connection, click to browse the Word, PowerPoint, Excel PDF files, etc..ARCHOS 5 as a new concept of mobile office office terminal, make business office from tangible assets to intangible assets, no longer subject to site constraints.

(ARCHOS 5 CEO tablet computer 32G)

pocket Internet sharing whenever and wherever possible,

as long as the open ThinkFree account, you can easily access the online store you whenever and wherever possible, but also without the use of electronic accessories and others to share your documents, office application characteristics of real-time, connectivity, which solves the attachment is too large or open slowly.If you use Google Docs, you need to charge a little effort, to be connected to the network Rolex replica and login to access to all of your document access, but also the local copies of documents can be stored on the device.No matter what kind of instant connection Replica watches characteristics, make business processing easier, more Patek Philippe replica effective!




(ARCHOS 5 CEO tablet computer 32G)

Document Christian louboutin sale To Go, document processing more free

ARCHOS 5 pioneering mobile office office terminal, a master office office software.The commonly used office software, such as word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF files can be read editorial, documents, marking, view, insert, format options, the user can according to personal BLANCPAIN replica preference or file attributes to classify the file viewer, is a very good document housekeeper, and make clearer.Document To Go, you can handle the document at any time, immediate changes, marked, and its powerful function of the Internet, more can cooperate with you to share documents with others, shorten the process, fast to complete the work, it is one of the causes of business professionals and senior white-collar people Repeng ARCHOS 5.


, Panasonic Kunming market in CES2012 exhibition officially released with perfect 3D shoot function interchangeable lens DV Z10000, and has a 10 optical zoom ultra-thin card machine SZ7, can shoot 3D images, with 14100000 1/2.33 inch CMOS, equivalent to 25-250mm f3.1-f5.9 lens, equipped with 3 inch 460000 pixel screen, support 1080i 60fps HD video capture.At present, Panasonic HDC-Z10000 camera in the dealer "Hao Hui technology" is the latest bid for the 24000 yuan, photography fancier who consider.

camera latest price changes in types of businesses Cheap wedding dresses 2013 (yuan) down price (yuan) note Panasonic Z10000 Hao Hui technology 24000 -- the acquisition date: December 5, 2012 more market price changes, please click on the Kunming

camera market Panasonic HDC-Z10000 products Xing Gaoqing camera, flash video camera, 3D camera, interchangeable lens camera sensor type 3MOS effective pixels 657 * 3 equivalent focal length of 35mm 2D:30-369mm.


HDC-Z10000 image evaluation forum Panasonic quoted

3D:32-320mm maximum aperture F1.5-F2.8 LCD screen size of 3.5 inches LCD viewfinder describe 1152000 color viewfinder.0.45 inches, 1227000 pixel optical anti-shake anti-shake performance recording format AVCHD.


HDC-Z10000 image evaluation forum Panasonic quoted

PConline product specifications: Panasonic brand model: HDC-Z10000 sensor type: dual 3MOS sensor LCD LCD screen: 3.5 inches product link: IT online shopping mall: Price > > more details (quote parameter picture I PowerShot)

editor's note:

Panasonic DV Z10000 with 3D image shooting function, some professional studio preferred 3D shooting equipment.The target group is more high-end, the price is not the ordinary consumers can afford.Interested users Replica Louboutin can contact the dealer.

PConline Pacific computer net purchase to KunMing Railway Station will get better service or more concessions!

[reference price: Z1000024000 yuan

[Panasonic sales businesses]: Hao Hui technology

[address]: Yunnan business city of Kunming province Wuhua Baiteng Digital Plaza A block 2 building C1


[market]: Kunming DV


[quotation inquiry]: Kunming DV

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