Panan said: "it's important to keep in focus.

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2013.04.09 01:52PM
Panan said: "it's important to keep in focus.

last week, Supercell was nominated as one of the most surprising success story of the year 2012 "".This home from Finland, with 70 people, social game startups surprised all of us: from unknown to the public enterprises to become the most revenue faster Accel Partner investment in the history of business.In November this year, Red sole shoes the company daily income of $750000, now the figure is close to $1000000.

even a few months ago, the whole world is almost never heard of Supercell.In summer, the establishment of 2 years of enterprise launched only 2 games, failed, and then stopped a in the initial stage of the game.But after the "flat-panel computer priority" strategy to bring results.Supercell launched "Hay Day" and "Clash of Clans" these two games, and among the forefront of the Apple App Store revenue list.In December 21st, the Cheap wedding gowns company reached a record high: according to App red bottom replicas Annie, its two game, the income of more than EA's 969 game sum.

Supercell's popular game "Clash of Clans"

considering the Rolex replica extraordinary achievements of this year the company acquired pandodaily technology web site, the company's co-founder and chief executive officer of ICA? PA (Ilkka Paananen) naryn interviews, and invited him to summarize the successful experience in 2012.The following is the Replica rolex main content:

large income, small problems of

when the "New York Times" first revealed that Supercell in October, the company income Rolex Replica of $500000 a day, it all depends on the recruitment strategy execution.PA naryn said, just to prove that it is a comfortable working place.But since then, the company's sales seem to become the focus of attention of the outside world only.Panan said: "we felt very strange, all the buzz is about how much money we every day."

then he learned from that experience?Panan smiled and said: "I think we learn at least, do not comment on any revenue.May an about our wrong ideas, our main focus is on the pursuit of Replica watches commercial game.This is not true."

he said: Replica louboutins "of course, we also focus on the commercial, but unless you have a very interesting game, otherwise you wouldn't have a very high degree of participation in the game, also won't have a lot of every month to Rolex replica watches for men pay the game player.If you don't have it Cheap Wedding dresses all, then discuss the commercial is pointless."

Facebook the importance of Imitation watches

while the Supercell will its cartier classic replica attention to iPad, and no longer build Facebook Canvas platform based game, but Panan said that the social network Cheap Red bottom shoes is still important, because it will improve Replica watches the user experience.

Panan said: "you see in 2012 adjustment, I'm sure it will be continued in 2013, people no longer will Facebook think only a marketing platform and (that) 'let us make friends as much as possible invitation', I think the people of Facebook view would become 'Facebook can improve the user experience and increase the value for the user.'"

2012 is the first large experience

Panan said: "it's important to keep in focus.You really through mistakes and failures to maintain focus.The Replica rolex key lies in the fast of these mistakes are summarized, then to correct.You find a way to work, then stick with a long-term perspective."

he added: "in my experience, this is one of the most important place, also one of the most difficult to do.This means you should be denied Replica rolex watches all the things people.Focus is not is not that what you do, Cheap Wedding gowns but that you don't do."

Supercell this year, shutting down 3 games, including the first Panerai replica launch of Discount Christian louboutin the game Gunshine, this is Battle Buddies Beta edition.Supercell also decided to focus on iOS, which can put all the resources and focus on the two games and a platform.

multi - cultural environment

"we already know that, from the geographical location is not important what game.The user does Replica watch not concern.If the game is good enough, they will play the game.On the other hand, the game has become a global business.

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