The official website revision line forum, crayons synchronization old and new users every success to invite a friend registered,

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2012.06.06 04:31PM
The official website revision line forum, crayons synchronization old and new users every success to invite a friend registered,

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Tianjin Binhai New Cheap replica watches District Hi-tech Zone counties | Finance produced by the real estate technology the new financial Exhibition | automotive | digital black high heel with red bottom | travel | education | cool yet sports 3G Shangpin city things | military | video | topics suffered the betrayal of friends buddies must was seriously injured . Or narrow-minded friend of Aries and Aries , had an argument , it likely to privacy of the sheep open to everyone , even the highly colored slander fake red bottoms Aries . Scorpio was very innocent , they do not understand why his friends so in good faith and intentions , but also was the other side felt betrayed , but from then Scorpio will understand Do not too sincere friends .


suffered the betrayal of friends buddies must Replica louboutin shoes was seriously injured . Friends joked: 2011 who will be friends stab to see it . < / p >

constellation Secret: Constellation was the friend betrayed

suffered the betrayal of friends buddies must was seriously injured. Friends joked: And friends behind to poke your knife, you go back and was surprised and said, Ah, you. 2011 who will be friends stabbed and see for yourself.

TOP5: Sagittarius

in 2011, Sagittarius friend is likely to want to dig the corner shooter. May be the partner of the shooter is too good and charming, maybe it is a shooter on a friend too trust, in short, the shooter should be careful, once the friend have this behavior, then keep ed hardy clothing their distance from and the kind of people, like people do not with the qualifications of the shooter as a friend. Although the shooter and the other half of the feelings are very strong, Buzhi Yu companion friend robbed, but at least the shooter in 2011 to recognize the friend's real character.

TOP4: Aries

in 2011, Aries is not due to the much privacy events Tell a friend, or make the other party to seize too much a handle to a key moment, it may be TA betrayed. Straightforward Aries, 2011, to treat a friend, or hold back. Knockoff Christian louboutin Or narrow-minded friend of Aries and Aries, had an argument, it likely to privacy of the sheep open to everyone, even the highly colored slander Aries.

TOP3: Leo

in 2011 the lion beware of friends because of jealousy of his talents and your hurt. The lion may indeed all aspects of dazzling. That provoke envy and jealousy of many of my friends. Which there is no lack of malice in their hearts, even the generous lion is very open-minded, easily put someone as a friend, but does not know that to some friends for is equivalent to raising the wolf infestation, and have actually been friends the Rolex replica whole.


: Libra

2011 scales friends betrayal badly. Scales was the betrayal of a friend, but still kept in fake louboutin shoes the dark also. Beware of saying one bent very people who may not really be very you, perhaps you suffer from the troubles and difficulties are TA single-handedly created the. Simple Libra silly to think that as long as the other side willing to quite their own, it is definitely worth the TA as a hardcore buddies.

the Scorpio

2012 can be described as a friend is Taoxintaofei. Scorpio are Christian louboutin shoes sale they no thought will be friend's betrayal, but such things still occur in the body of Scorpio. Scorpio was very innocent, they do not understand why his friends so in good faith and intentions, but also was the other side felt betrayed, but from then Scorpio will understand Do not too sincere friends.

recent synchronize the official website of the popular mobile phone synchronization software crayons new revision, fashion, fresh style is very exciting. As the first realization of contacts, text messages, call history, calendar, photos, five categories of data-synchronization of the mobile phone software, crayons, synchronization has been innovative and practical features. The website, an increase of a variety of useful features, the next Xiaobian experience under crayons synchronization user interface.

Home: the three most important features multi-platform, multi-way experience

crayons sync UI has been the elegant blue-based colors, the revision of the website home page, in color on the mobile client The color is consistent. Understanding of crayons synchronization Friends of the machine all know, the address book is automatically updated, mobile data synchronization, wireless remote control handset has been a crayon to synchronize the three most important features. In particular is one of the mobile data synchronization functions, including contacts, SMS, calendar, phone records, photos and ed hardy shirts other synchronization utility function for a friend for mobile Christian louboutin red bottoms phone or brush machine, can be said to be very convenient. In addition, the wireless remote control handset is the gospel of the mobile phone enthusiasts, the faithful machine can PC remote control handset, no data cable will be able to manage mobile phone text messaging, the software installed, change the wallpaper, the next white pumps with red bottoms music. When the data line can not find or cell phone is not around, you can the crayons sync PC remote control handset.

at the same time, crayons synchronization on the home page to add mobile phone brand is set area, the user can click on the download page into the corresponding phone. It is understood that the crayons synchronization now supports 91 3000 a variety of mobile phones mobile phone brand, is currently covered by mobile phone synchronization software. In the version, christian louboutin size 42 crayons synchronization application version for the S60 V2, V3, V5, with Symbian3, S40, Wedding dresses Android, the iPhone, Windows mobile, Blackberry and Christian louboutin shoes replica so on almost any phone system. And also has three operating terminals of the site-side, desktop client and mobile client, to meet the needs of users of different habits. Invite Friends

official forums on-line, the two sides that won the 250M capacity

when measured

understand, according to Xiao Bian, crayons desktop whenever will add a There are a lot of hardcore users often chat in the discussion group to discuss the crayon-synchronization feature. Recently, with the new revision of the official website, crayons synchronization finally launched the official forums, the Xiaobian including senior fans are excited!

Xiaobian also the crayons sync Operations learned in The official website revision line forum, crayons synchronization old and new users every success to invite a friend registered, both parties will receive a 250M cloud storage capacity space.

the Iphone

three Xilinmen, the Summer dresses android mobile phone client to update

Chuguan revision, outside the line of the Forum, the Crayon sync Iphone version of the android version has an important update. IOS jailbroken phone client SMS synchronization capabilities, so look forward to a long fruit powder finally got his wish. Thus, iphone users can SMS sync to the cloud will be valuable in the mobile phone SMS backup. Fruit powder has more mobile phones can also be synchronized through crayons SMS export to iphone outside of the phone.

Christian louboutin shoes Xuan Yuan Mr. crayons synchronization products for people, the increase in android version of the MMS synchronization function. This feature is the cell phone sync an Red bottom heels innovative, It is understood that Red bottoms the crayons synchronization is the first mobile application with the MMS synchronization function.

At present, the number of smart phone applications rising sharply, however, does not Wedding gowns have much emphasis on the product of a combination of innovation Christian louboutin heels and practical. Crayons not only launched the first synchronization of address book synchronization functions, but also developed the first computer text chat features (inter-carrier communications). The crayons synchronization has 600 segments, we can say is the most powerful software in the mobile cloud sync software.

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