powerful media selection media and Hubei inspected

2012.06.07 01:38PM
powerful media selection media and Hubei inspected

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April 22, 2009, Zhejiang TV, powerful media selection media and Hubei inspected in Wuhan Wuchang held in the third quarter of dream show, Hunan and Hubei Hunan delegation sent by the dream of gold seeds (CAO Yun Hu Korea and Ake, A star sister, VIP combination, Zhao Shijie) and Red bottom shoes Hubei on behalf of the team can dream (Huayu Chen, Veen, Queen queen of the cat. EBD combination, Liu Yu, Kat Hing Street mix) bit the PK, the atmosphere hot and fiery.

Hunan dream bus start is not the heat, Jiang

this friendship Hunan and Hubei Friendship first, but in the heart of the dream in front of the dream and do not give way. Sent the dream observers of local rising popularity of host A Star Hubei Hubei aspects, selection ace presided Yan Wei and Lin Ran as Hunan dream observers said, although Hunan away was invited, but not because of the guests Replica christian louboutins on the home can dream, especially the The Media Observation Mission by 22 influential media in the north and south, and they strongly for their own players on behalf of parties to carry out canvassing activities of the After the event, ed hardy mens t shirt the dream of Hunan and Hubei changed the stage against each other, gathered in a laughter constant reports.

this dream about, Display link in the dream, the dreamer with their own dreams talent to impress the scene of the dream of observers and media Observation Mission to win to enter the second link opportunity. The second link in the dream dance dreamer response capabilities through their own site to show their devotion to the dream. Time of three minutes the dreams fly, dream their dreams, the last

players amazing talent judges dilemma

Hunan and Hubei, the players are amazing talent, full of stories, and their wonderful performance, so that the Media Observation Mission louboutin replica shoes cheap dilemma. The most compelling player in Hunan Hu Korea and Ake, their dream is a dream music wedding held a blessing. A pair of stray guitarist boys cheap louboutin shoes Jiao Ake, the girls Jiaohu Korea, after graduating from college, the boys began a wandering all the way from his hometown in Sichuan encounter came after more than 10 cities in a small town in Hubei The then 20-year-old Hu Li. Was Ake is the roadside and play guitar, was suddenly interrupted by the crying little boy wandered off Ake go Cheap Christian louboutin past inquiries and comfort waiting for his brother finished singing this song to take you to buy food Then Hu Li walked over, surprised the original singing can make money in the street, so based on listening to them. Hand when the little boy ran over casts Hu Korea said that this brother is very nice! The Hu Korea listen Ake said his home with mountain and water waterfall Coupled with the christian louboutin sale pump sweet voice of Hu Li, also like music, and so Hu Korea to give up the previous work and life, followed by Ake and his guitar all the way to stray. But love always withstand the test of bread, a five-year long-distance love, but failed to go to the marriage hall, Hu Li family's opposition has always been insurmountable obstacles this year, Chinese New Year Hu Korea's family carrying Hu Korea home to find louboutin replica a good families, the dowry are connected, and ready to let her come back the next day on the licensing of marriage, Replica Christian louboutin shoes when Ake know the news the night went to Hubei, deal with Hu Replica watches Lai family last really Mozhe, on directly in the licensing of abducting left with Hu Korea.

In addition to Hu, Korea and Ake, Hunan, another sister's A Star a bright voice Jijingsizuo, audience address him A star before a failed marriage. A star sister after the divorce all the money to the ex-husband, and with only 3-year-old daughter separation. Emotional setbacks, A Star Sister drunken. Until A Star Sister encountered love, before getting out of the failed marriage from the Bridal dresses previous paragraph, and run through the efforts of a Hmong restaurants. A star of the hobby side of the waiter side to the guests sing Zhujiu Ge, day one of the guests stopped her to ask, you have received professional training it? A star A does not have surprised her guest. The guests are a professional teacher of vocal music, he judge the level ed hardy of the A star sister has more than bel canto actor to receive professional training more than five years. A star so on to participate in the dream show, her dream is the song and song of the same stage soared.

Hunan player strength is so strong, Hubei dishing out Kat Hing Street combination Wuhan, the famous food street called Kat Hing Street, small City and Liu Yu musicians living here. Small through the city first race, and others of his songs onto the Internet, the girls Christian louboutin outlet were touched by his singing, to resign to Wuhan to find him, became his wife. Liu Yu is purely likes to sing, this combination of dream, the hope that their own original songs to get everyone's approval. The cat is a grass-roots artists, the factory laid-off after 96 years, has been fought on the night games, good talk and impersonations of his dream too much, the most urgent one and Zhou competing against,

Wedding gowns Li Huizhen message to player dreams would give up everything

Zhejiang Satellite TV for the Hunan and Hubei Li Huizhen media interview, praising the dedication of the North and South can dream, and admits that she is very Replica Christian louboutin shoes understanding that their dreams can pay all dreamers heart, because her own is a dream to adhere to in the end would give up all the dreamers people. In 2000, At that time, the cause of the peak of the Li Huizhen suddenly disappeared, which makes many of her fans are very understanding. Li Huizhen comeback after the media revealed that she was suffering from a pituitary tumor, so replica watches for men the only exit music. When the doctor told Li Huizhen two treatments one of the two side effects can no longer sing, another will christian louboutin outlet be deprived of the right of her mother, Li Huizhen without any hesitation on the choice of the latter. Because music is the most important thing in her life, she can pay all costs to sing! Li Huizhen also called on all the dreams of people, quickly joined the team recruited by the Chinese dream show dream. At present, Hunan recruitment activities are still in full swing, as of this writing, has more than 900 people to register. The next dream show, Hunan station recruitment will be April 30, May 1 for two consecutive days in the slope sub Street Yue Fang ID MALL dream recruitment.

April last year , Peng Zhengliang came near the Avenue of Electrolux , a company with the security company next door is Nantang residential placement . In October last year , in the district for the first time I saw the dog . could not help but facing it whistled , the dog immediately went to him . the district is good - go wandering around the Replica rolex dog ran over ; the third day, fourth day, the puppy to the guard room run more and more ground , and then completely do not go . p >

good weather , I see the other colleagues to give it a bath , washing pretty much , but it is like to roll the garbage , washing the dirty . Peng Zhengliang colleagues Wan Christian louboutin replica The master said that the puppy is in humanity , and at night if someone from the company out to get something , it will be shouting , but never bite . said that christian louboutins the appetite of the dog is small, does not eat during the day and almost every night 67 points will be ran to a nearby restaurant food occasionally encounter others abandoned dog food , it will be boosted appetite is good Wedding gowns . p >

full yard run , Peng Zhengliang increasingly worry about . ,],[

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