tourism planning, scenic investment management

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2012.11.23 01:14PM
tourism planning, scenic investment management

On September 28th, the Shanghai stock exchange of Changan information industry (Group ) and Limited by Share Ltd ( 600706) officially changed its name to Xi Qujiang cultural tourism Limited by Share Ltd ( stock name &ldquo ;Qujiang brigade &rdquo ;) ,Qujiang brigade formally landing A shares market .
The tourism industry research ,tourism planning, scenic investment management ,Hotel Restaurant Du Tourisme ,tourism product development ,tourism travel agency ,real estate ,tourism management and output the entire chain of industry as one of the large-scale cultural tourism group ,the face of the economic environment ,not only with the core of culture to tourism development and cultural tourism ,more to explore a set of stereo culture industry model, the integration of Qujiang and Xi surrounding cultural tourism industry chain, promote the local economy and culture industry in Western China ,has not only become the most innovative ,wit Replica watchh the fastest developing speed of cultural tourism brand ,to become more peripheral local economic development led enterprises .
In recent years, d Rolex replicaomestic listing Corporation business model to three-dimensional period ,the commercial pattern of the enterprise mostly to cover the product ,service and information fl Replica watchesow system for the overall goal .
A good business model and enterprise is not only the profit growth ,more is the enterprise culture of precipitation and the intrinsic value of the enterprise promotion .Since listing ,Qujiang brigade shares have been contrarian higher ,with their own unique &ldquo ;historical and cultural scenic integrated operation &rdquo ;capacity ,Qujiang brigade has in the past few years surrendered perfect market .
Qu Jiangwen travel daily news show :the first half of 20 Rolex replica12, Qujiang culture and travel to achieve operating income 524424500 yuan ,a year-on-year growth of 46.98% ;operating profit of 33805000 yuan ,up 20.
90% from a year earlier ,attributable to the parent company of the owner of the net profit of 34301600 yuan ,up 18.45% over last year .Promoting tourism Yang culture to promote the growth of economy of Shaanxi region Qujiang brigade in Xi to louboutin pink glitter pumps carry the integration of cultural tourism i Christian louboutin replicandustry chain of the banner, not only makes the Xi tourism product structur Replica Rolexe ,consumption hot spots of regional metas Replica Christian louboutintases ,more stimulating Xi Tourism from tourism ,cultural tourism to promote the upgrading of Xi travel experience ,to the international first-class tourist destination target stride .
By building the operation platfor Replica patek philippem ,the effective integration of various social resources and natural resources ,t Cheap Uggshe implementation of &ldquo ;major cultural tourism project to drive the strategy ,to &rdquo ;cultural heritage for the content ,cultural tourism development ,tourism and cultural practice of &ldquo ;&rdquo + city ;stereo development mode ,Qujiang trip is to protect the historical and cultural heritage ,but also led the development of cultural tourism industry ,also create a large number of jobs ,for local economy development brought lasting vitality .
In Qujiang culture and travel Cheap wedding dressesmanagement operation in culture dis Cheap Christian louboutinplay area as an example .The scenic spot is located in Qinling Mountains west of Xi North County territory .Long-term since ,county had been far away from the industry ,development lag .
Study on culture display area of the establishment of the project, as the county ushered in a golden opportunity for development .In the display area drive, county to adjust industrial structure ,expand characteristic economy, it is with market demand oriented, give full play to each village resource advantage ,guide a farmer actively to walk along characteristic agriculture develops way .
Realization of the tourism industry to feed back the local economic construction ,cultural heritage and regional economic win-win situation .Conservation heritage building &ldquo &rdquo ;card ;establish Sino-foreign cultural exchange &ldquo &rdquo ;meeting room ;the dissemina wedding dresses 2012tion of traditional culture ,not only to promote the cultural elite &ldquo ;out &rdquo ;,also need to have rolex replicas watches a vision of modern and solving social problems in the play .
In addition to the remarkable development in tourism economy ,Marie Moonryo in carrying forward the Chinese excellent traditional culture has achieved fruitful results .In 2006, the East Wharf drumming in Qujiang Datang Furong garden was officially settled in ,spent 1000 years of royal palace Replica watches music has been protected, and in the royal gardens in the return of china .
Datang Furong garden theme song and dance drama dream Tang has to South Korea, Russia and Ge wedding gownsrmany and other countries overse Replica watchesas tour ,lifted the upsurge of Tang culture .In 2011 Ugg boots on sale, Qujiang culture and travel to increase &ldquo ;Shaanxi province intangible cultural heritage protection base &rdquo ;to build strength, make East Wharf drumming ,Ziyang folk ,donkey race ,bull fighting tiger once scattered Shan school culture and cul Christian louboutin replicatural projects come back ,let the Chinese excellent traditional culture to sparkle luster .
Qujiang culture and travel under the big wild goose pagoda culture leisure area, known as the &ldquo ;Xi City parlor &rdquo Ugg ;.While the Prime Minister Wen Jiabao with German Chancellor Merkel had chosen in Datang Furong garden meeting ,let &ldquo Furong diplomacy ;&rdquo ;praise spread like wildfire .
Qujiang culture and travel under the cultural scenic spots received many domestic and international leaders ,held various diplomatic activities ,its status has increased to &ldquo ;global lounge &rdquo ;Xi city image ,promote ,pulling the Xi and Shaanxi tourism an important element .
Originally ,the tourists in Xi resides and the average time was 3.5 days ,after the Qujiang brigade of the intensive and meticulous farming ,tourists stay another day ,Xi travel each year income increases 450000000 yuan more so .

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