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"Chinese sound" first season ended, but the topic is still very hot.In order to keep the show fresh, netizen guesses second season "sound good" will change tutor, through the addition of fresh blood to create a high degree of attention, is broke new tutor team, with "Faye Wong, Lee Hom, Jacky Cheung, Stefanie Sun" the four highest voice.
The reporter also got the message, "the sound" second season do you want to replace one of 2 mentors, long ago in Sanya held a celebration, to mentor the bonus, share at least Yang Kun had about 10000000, and the highest Na Ying over 20000000 bonus.
But the program group on this news denied."Faye Wong, Lee Hom, Jacky Cheung, Stefanie Sun," the netizen gives second season "sound good" teacher team, anyone's guess, but most users do not believe, "fantasy online" said: "is not the mainland, and Singaporean Stefanie Replica louboutin Sun does not comply with the relevant provisions, administration, certainly not reliable.
And Stefanie Sun with the baby, I may not return it!"The reporter also got the news, said recently "sound good" program group in Sanya held a celebration, to mentor the bonus, share at least Yang Kun had about 10000000, and the highest Na Ying over 20000000 bonus.
This netizen intense discussions, "flying the conch" and said: "teacher ability suction gold really powerful, earn money too Replica watches easily, it seems a good voice is indeed great earned."Also the netizen leaves a message: "this money to Na Ying, Liu Huan they should really is nothing!"However, the Rolex replicas Replica Christian louboutin reporter understands, for more than two months to earn 20 million, to mentor who is definitely not "does not matter".
Xi'an show a company people in charge said in an interview: "the year before we're working with Yang Kun, a singing prices also hundreds of thousands of.Like the Na Ying level tour, 20000000 sing more than 20 field.
This bonus if true, really rich."Reporters yesterday interviewed these rumors "sound good" publicity director Lu Wei, he again did not want to change the idea Replica rolex of mentors and tutors, "our cooperation is very smooth, season second tutor or they, these so-called bid is not true".
While the tutor prize, "sound good" staff said: "no, not really, now everyday online Replica tag heuer have be rather baffling message burst out."Qing Dong's boyfriend of his ex-wife Zhang Ziyi and small and default warning
affair Iraq a sound final slip Liu Yan low-cut sexy touch Alpaca Ji Kejun ease three years change in Ni Ping twist Li Xiang picked her daughter for her husband's exposure of Li Yong Vintage Wedding Zhao
Zhongxiang daughter-in-law Ni Ping handsome cousin CCTV internship anchor Zhou Dongyufu two generation appeared to her exposure anchor willow five section marriage media salon cutting-edge website CEO
China News Agency, 30 June, Tianjin Tianjin Alpaca "big problem:" into the European Cup "prediction of emperor" author Xin Wenping in Tianjin city zoo, living with a 5 year-old female alpaca named "big fat".
Recently, by virtue of its predictions of European Cup 11 cartier replica 10 the result of fame.30, in the European Cup final predictive field, the reporter saw this Hantaikeju Shinco "prediction of emperor".At 10 a.m.
, zoo staff on the ground to build two simple goal Discount Christian louboutin in front of the goal, and are respectively placed signs and with apple, pellet feed with food, then invite are sitting in the shade. "Fat" approach.At this time, "fat" and the slow pace of the first round, and then to the favorite team, have quite "predicted master".
In accordance with the "big" the final prediction results, the Italy team to win the European cup."Not every prediction so smoothly," fat Louboutin replica "in the prediction of Germany and Italy in the semi-final is committed, it is just in front of the goal stands more than 10 minutes, it was dubbed the" big audience are like a bar of God (Italy star Balotelli) as think about life".
"Keeper Wang Donghao said, from the European Cup, "fat" a total of 12 games in the prediction, published in Ferrari replica 11 games, with 10 accuracy, which includes two flat ball, but guess wrong Holland and Portugal in the battle of life and death.
According to Tianjin animal breeding experts, alpacas belong to Artiodactyla camelidae, existing in the world is only about 3000000, mainly living in the south of Peru and Chile on the plateau, gentle disposition, a human, has as a "SEER" congenital conditions.
Alpaca "fat" to predict that the European Cup things through the Internet to spread, caused the wide attention of social all circles.The reporter in the search engines input "Tianjin Alpaca", will automatically eject 570000 results.
In the past the Dragon Boat Festival, alpaca "fat" is attracting thousands of tourists from all over the Replica watch world.Visitors to Mr Cheung told reporters, "fat" prophecy was fulfilled in almost every game, himself as a fan of gasp in admiration.
Weekend with family to the zoo have Replica watches a look to be dubbed the "beast" of "big", make the soccer not "cold" daughter also learn about European cup.Netizen "Wu peach ikoko" believe that animal has a spiritual, "before the rain" question is speculation.
Facing the outside public opinions are divergent. Tianjin city zoo, the relevant responsible person in Xin said, "fat" zoo let Alpaca prediction game has been in a fair and true principles, the purpose of doing so is to provide visitors with a kind of love to see and hear entertainment, also want to raise people's awareness of animal protection, so that more people into the protection of wild animal in the ranks.
Speaking of his dessert, nearly ten years of history, from when I read until I came back to work, Chao po-tao dessert development we are be obvious to people, because I also acquired, so it feels particularly warm.
Shop boss is very good, we try in the process we also introduced the characteristics of every sweet one one.Holiday shop all seats are occupied., especially around nine p.m., Doumen can be said to be the most popular dessert shop.
This time we try to eat desserts are: leek pig red, is Atlantic slag, eight-treasure tonic-ching, clearing heat horseshoe sand, supplement qi and blood, black glutinous rice porridge pork, beef noodle, fish Seto powder kelp seeds mung bean, taro and sago, fried sesame paste, blanched goose intestine, dry fishing wonton.
“ leek pig red ” is the shop features snacks, on the menu click rate is very high, pig Cheap Christian louboutin red eating very slippery, not a bit tough, believed that many people in Doumen ate..If the first to Chao po-tao dessert shop, remember the point to try oh.
The “ beef Replica watches noodle sauce noodles, ” very, very refreshing.“ is Atlantic slag ” is my first time to eat, there are sago, garbanzo beans, red bean and cowpea, which the beans in the general dessert shop is not to eat, it is very precious germplasm resources, and the high nutrition bean plants, rich variety of plant protein and a variety of amino acids, vitamins, crude fiber and calcium, magnesium, iron and other ingredients.
Which the pure protein content as high as 28%, 5% fat, 61% carbohydrates, fiber 4 6%, triangular beans contain Replica breitling more than 10 cheap christian louboutin red healed shoes kinds of amino acids, including 8 kinds of essential amino acids all have, but content is 2 times taller than oats above, diabetes, hypertension and kidney deficiency is the infirm ideal health food.
In so many sweets, but mention is “ dry fishing wonton ”, wonton you eat can feel what it is like, first wonton skin is very thin, but can wrap the such big stuffing and not burnt, wonton in meat tasty, no meat residue.
Why is it so, that this store Christian louboutin replica meat is entirely hand made, fat and lean also separate playing.I haven't eaten such delicious replica breitling wontons.Long word does not say more, have picture to have truth, friends who are interested can go to Replica watches for women taste the dessert.
"!Special recommendation: leek pig red, beef noodle, is Atlantic slag, eight-treasure tonic-ching, fried sesame paste, pork, fish Seto powder, taro sago, blanched goose intestine supplement qi and blood, black glutinous rice porridge, dry fishing wonton.
Restaurant: Chao po-tao dessert detailed address: Doumen Jing An District in the town of pedestrian street 50 meters (nearly come face to face).(source: Sina micro-blog) online ordering, in-store payment!Free

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