fake cheap louboutins Three upgrade car tour in April , 2013 Hunan county re-start _ News Red bottom shoes

2013.02.27 07:50PM
fake cheap louboutins Three upgrade car tour in April , 2013 Hunan county re-start _ News Red bottom shoes

red car network Changsha, January 29 (trainee reporter Daley) in 2012, declared by the Hunan Provincial Committee Office guidance fake cheap louboutins, Red Net Xiaoxiang Morning joint Hunan city, county, organized by Hunan county car tour the Sanxiang the earth has sent a car culture feast,, still profoundly stay in everyone's memory.

Hunan County car tour's first city, county car show tour of its kind, to tell you the good auto show not only only wide north and the capital city only in the prefecture-level cities in the county, at the gates can also.

Today, following the brilliant 2012 Hunan county car tour, 2013 Hunan county car tour set off again, summed up the experience of the last session of 2013 Hunan county car tour will be more grade, the content will be more rich and wonderful.

April 12, the first stop, Yueyang Baling Square black and white circle is it christian?, we meet again.

(2012 Hunan county tour scene bursting with popularity)

Have you ever seen such a cow county tour?

2012 Hunan County car tour starts from the the Zhuzhou Youxian station June 9 to October 21, both Chenzhou Zixing Station, which lasted five months, gone through the Huxiang earth nine county-level cities (districts), by virtue of high specification to create the, 2012 Hunan county car tour cumulative sales over 4314 units per station pin car super 479 single field per capita number of exhibitors over 30,000.

(2012 Hunan County car tour popular U.S. model help out)

If the effect of the auto show eventually just had a bunch of car sales data, then the influence of the auto show is undoubtedly limited. 2012 Hunan county car tour is not only the sale of the car's auto show, or a content-rich car culture feast. 2012 Hunan county car tour is not only well-known car models, body painting, live performances, fiery interact with the residents of the county, city; Square dance contest, a tug-of-war, and communities Warren show good-looking, fun activities; live car consumers You can also participate in a live lottery to receive air conditioning, small appliances, gift coupons.

(usually rare vintage car models debut 2012 Hunan county car tour)

three major upgrades, the the 2013 Hunan county car tour driver Hunan

organized based on the success of 2012 Hunan County car tour experience, the 2013 Hunan county car tour on the exhibition scale, car preferential margins, automotive cultural transmission upgrade again, and strive for the Huxiang people once again bring a car culture feast.

(2012 Hunan County car tour public car prize)

scale on the longer time span of 2013 the Hunan county car tour will be more coverage of the prefecture-level cities and counties. Reporters learned from the organizing committee christian louboutin noprive 120 black 36, the 2013 county car tour will cover: of Yueyang, Youxian and Qiyang, Leiyang, Loudi, Huaihua, Yiyang, Ningxiang, Hengyang, Changde, Chenzhou, Yongzhou, Jishou, and other 13 stations, the time span from launched in April, will continue until October replica cristian loboutin, which lasted seven months. At the same time exhibiting the luxury car brand, factory direct supply exhibition with more upscale brand used car full participation, but also introduced for the first time red soleshoes cheap.

concessions, 2013 Hunan county car tour directly with car manufacturers signed cooperation launch tour special for models, especially for models sold only at the tour site, ranging from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars lower than the market price. Tour organizing committee would also increase car winning the feedback efforts, plans to come up with the iPhone5, air-conditioning, TV Awards!

cultural addition to car culture tour organizing committee 2012 the Hunan county car tour performances will upgrade most beautiful the tour car models named large series of activities to be introduced to create more interactive site activities for the local audience bring exciting cultural performances.

(original title: three major upgrade the 2013 Hunan county car tour again starting in April)

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