Feelings over that space, Ming Szeto know,

2011.11.23 01:31PM
Feelings over that space, Ming Szeto know,

Feelings over that space, Ming Szeto know,

this is Sumeru jade that space opened up, it really is not small, at least more than what a lot of storage bags, but big, because that's the size of the storage bag, which is three around the square. "Ming children, have their own space, how are you feeling ah?"After watching the apprentice test finished, Tong strong will in the next leisurely asked.

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"Thank you master it!Have their own space, I feel really good, since there is something up on the convenience store. "Szeto Ming now feeling really great, the excitement, still do not forget the thank you teacher's help. "Well, these days you're good retreat, as a teacher does not bother you, so you can concentrate on the familiar look of your instruments, to the day time to the majority, it will be handy with you!That such a majority, as a teacher to go with you Bi Verde, but also to see how Dazhanshenwei of my apprentice. "Tong strong nodded satisfaction comes after. Szeto Ming started playing the instruments used, his face showing a look of confidence, with his body at the realm of coagulation, yet dare to participate in a majority, let alone now, and Dan not only the realm of cultivation, as well as a master gift the instruments used, either handsome pavilion, waiting for me to teach you it.

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********"Master, ah, do not know when to his disciples to fly!"Peak from the blind there is still some distance than Emerald, the road is so strong with Stuart Ming Fei Tong past, after all, cheating Dan Ming Szeto, simply do not fly, so will be asked Tong Ming Szeto such a strong to their feeling of flying is the greatest longing for Ming Szeto. "Majority, you can practice the system of five elements of Taoism, and that time, you are free to fly."Tong strong with a smile. Chat with the teacher and student were, they went to the Bi Verde, Pico Verde peak but larger than the number of blind, endless small hill, just like a small Jiuhua, most notably Bristol Verde is Jiuhuashan In addition to the peak Jiuhua than one peak of the most beautiful. At that time, has a full size two giant bird suddenly appeared in the sky, gently wings, disappeared, driven from the a hurricane, let fly with the teacher and student were shaking stature for a long time. "Master, what it is, we say that is they reveal it?"Szeto Ming looked just shocked bird disappeared only place where asked.

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"Yes ah, Bristol Verde's park ranger they reveal, red Jing!Fit the realm of the sacred beasts, which fly all teleport, every wings, is a Teleport, extremely powerful! "Tong Jing strong red beast looked just the same borrow location, emotion, he told. "I never thought, ye who have such a powerful Jiuhuashan they reveal, but unfortunately, it's so fast I did not see!"The same breathtaking Ming Szeto said. "Oh, they reveal it, though ye are not a lot of Jiuhua Mountain, but ye are blind have a peak, soil Kera, usually around the house are hidden in the blind, but hey that is about to reach the realm of the sacred beasts soaring ah!Moreover, the best Yin Ji! "Tong intense envy of his disciples to see someone else's sacred beasts, could not resist another said. "Soil cricket?Master, I have not seen how, ah, it looks like it, go back, I definitely wanted to see it! "Szeto Ming one, immediately to the spirit of the. "See, in addition to rather mysterious and uncles, who also directed not move it, as it looks like, almost like goats, but the length of the four corners, with a single step marching clouds!"Tong said after intense thought.

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